SIBO and passing the oligosaccharides test

 I'm still going along with my FODMAP reintroduction. So far, I've checked off:

Fructans - three separate tests for onion, wheat and garlic; Lactose - which has disaccharides - and most recently Oliosaccharies! I enjoyed a side of kidney beans. 

When I've reintroduced foods, sometimes the first test has a little bit of pain, sometimes the last test with the highest amount of the item causes pain, and sometimes I have no pain whatsoever. The last round, I had some moderate pain the first day with the reintroduction of kidney beans, but for the wheat test, the last day caused pain. When I waited and retested, I had no pain with a similar meal (same pasta and sauce, decided to forgo the cheese even though it was supposed to be fine.)

Since the food introductions have been great (a few tests failed, but I retested successfully) I can eat foods with wheat, onion, garlic, cheese, dairy and beans! I've yet to test avocado (Sorbitol test) or sweet potato (Mannitol) or honey (Fructose) so I still have about a month to go.

On a special note regarding lactose - while I passed the reintroduction without issue by drinking milk, I'm still hesitant to eat ice cream, as I'm quite sure that overindulgence caused the whole debacle. I don't know when I'll get to testing that. Probably will be the last test I do!


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