Turkish Treats #1

 I was given a box of Turkish treats for Christmas this year and have decided to rate and write up something for each one, as well as include the marketing copy that was sent along for each snack.

#1 Petito Pops

A delicious chocolate shaped like a panda bear throwing a basketball at you. Tasty chocolate, especially when mixed with the white chocolate of the panda.

Panda-style eating at its finest. Children like them and if anything left for their parents... They like it as well!

Rating: 3/5

#2 Krispi

The cracker-stick is good, but the nacho cheese flavoring is absolutely terrible. I ate a few just to see if eating more would get me used to the taste, but it didn't. Reminded me of nacho cheese that went bad.

You get either or both of these options: Hot, cheesy, herby, ketchup and mayo flavored. The herby one is covered in ten different herbs. As the name suggests, this snack claims to be crispy! If you are feeling like you cannot more sweet snacks in the box, this will help you balance the taste and regain your strength to destroy more sweets in the box.

Rating: 1/5 though I'm glad I didn't get the mayo flavored one

#3 Bidolu

An excellent crispy treat! It reminded me of a Nutter Butter without its chocolate covering. Good chocolate/peanut flavor and crispy wafers. Would happily eat more if I had extra.

Maybe the youngest snack member of the box! It comes with variety of flavors, including peanut and hazelnut flavors. The crispy wafer on the outside balances the creamy inside and creates a harmony in your mouth. We die for it! Hope you like it...

Rating: 5/5 but probably wouldn't die for it

#4 Canga

A wonderful chocolate peanut wafer treat, Canga is similarly delicious to Bidolu, but has different ratios. The chocolate to wafer ratio is decidedly toward the chocolate side of things, and the peanuts aren't chopped up finely and have a larger presence than the Bidolu.

Canga is a word derived from the jungle. So we welcome you to the jungle! This rich peanut filled chocolate/nougat bar is full of energy that you would need to conquer the jungle.

Rating: 4/5 not as exciting of a welcome as Axl gives

#5 Nirvana

A great candy for those who like coconut. This candy has an excellent mouthfeel - just unfortunately covered with coconut. I really dislike coconut, and took one bite, hesitantly, just to be sure I can review it honestly. If it weren't for the coconut, I'd rate it highly, and I know that they make other similar candies that don't have coconut. If I see those, I might pick them up.

Solen Nirvana represents the highest possible and achievable tastiness in the chocolate world. This epic stick is covered not only with white chocolate but also a generous amount of coconut flakes. Inside you will have a roll of wafer which is also filled with cream. All come together very well to bring your happiness to another level.

Rating: 2/5



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