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Day #72: Weirdest menu ever

Today I ate: breakfast: pickles chocolate chip pancake pork roast with potatoes lemonade lunch: cheesy casserole with fried onions chocolate peanut butter pie starbucks double chocolate chip frappacino dinner: chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups pickles clemetines more pickles lemonade I purchased the book "Julie and Julia" at Barnes and Noble and will read it by Thursday, as I have a book club meeting then! Rereading this menu makes me laugh. Tomorrow: Read "Julie and Julia" Go to church with Kassie Make guacamole Visit with Uncle Louie Read more of "Julie and Julia" Right now: Sleep! «Laura»

Day #71: Johnson dinner

The dinner was fantastic as usual, and my pie was great! I forgot to take a picture of it before people started eating it - it was made with an Oreo shell, a layer of vanilla pudding mixed with peanut butter and a layer of chocolate pudding, and drizzled atop the pie was carmel and chocolate syrup. Sugary goodness! I didn't get too far in my songbook exercises, but I'll continue working on it tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I'm planning on heading to Barnes & Noble to read Julie and Julia sometime during the day. That's all! «Laura»

Day #70:AlmondChocolatePudding

Yeah....not so good... but my father made a pork roast that was just delicious!! I'm looking forward to making a pie for the large Johnson dinner on Friday afternoon. I'll post a picture of the pie when it's done! Tomorrow: Make a pie Work on songwriting Visit with family «Laura»

Day #69: Veganlicious

IMG_0758 , originally uploaded by shutterfli . I'm currently making some chocolate pudding with almond milk as opposed to cow's milk. I'll let you know how tasty it is. I drank some in a glass and it's quite good! It's a bit like delicious nutty candy. Thicker than skim or 2% cow milk, not as "chalky" like soy milk. Tomorrow I'm just going to hang around home and get creative stuff done. Woo! «Laura»

Day #68: Happy Birthday, mother

I spent all evening with my mother, and it was fabulous! I brought home some steak from a local restaurant and we spent the time together by discussing Christmas and work and schedules, then we both fell asleep around 9pm. I didn't get the song done... but I'll have plenty of time to do this weekend! «Laura»

Day #67: Mmmmm, hummus!

Niki and I hung out at The Beirut on Monroe and now we're at Panera. Looks like it'll be closing soon - perhaps about in ten minutes. Had a great and busy day at work today and I'm looking for another day for the same effect tomorrow. My to-do list for tomorrow: Wish my mother a happy birthday (She's so cute!) Think about Christmas presents for others (no, I won't be doing black friday) Write a song (I hope to prepare it for recording soon after) Panera is kicking us out. Goodnight! «Laura»

Day #66: Cedar Creek

I attended Cedar Creek with Kassie. I enjoyed it, and want to return. The message was about the fifth and sixth beatitudes, concerning mercy and compassion. I have always felt that I do not have much compassion nor show mercy to others, but after digging deeper, I found that I do - not just as much as others. After the service, I ate a delicious veggie sub! Kassie, Leo, Joe and I hung out at their house for an hour or two, then they went to Menards, and I went home. I played with my phone and got all the contacts that I care about from my Palm Centro into my Env Touch. Didn't really do anything creative - ended up watching real films of WWII filed with horror and gore. Wasn't exactly what I wanted to watch. I really wanted to watch something lighthearted, but my mother wanted to watch WWII in HD on the History channel. It was a good show, but... sobering. Tomorrow, I want to hang out with Niki and eat hummus! That's all I really want to do! «Laura»