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Financial Book Review, or You Just Can't Go Home Again

Over the last week, I read five financial books about saving and retirement. I wanted to read through them to see if my recommendations for the books still were appropriate, a decade later. In this blog I even talk about Automatic Millionaire and go through the exercises. Automatic Millionaire Chapter 1 Automatic Millionaire Chapter 2 Automatic Millionaire Workbook Chapter 1 Automatic Millionaire Workbook Chapter 2 I'm both disappointed that I didn't write more with subsequent chapters, but glad I didn't spend more energy on the books, as a decade later, I think this book and its companion workbook are pretty awful. While it did get me interested in saving more, and to write a set of values and ballpark dollar amounts, at the age of 24, I was wildly pessimistic on how much I needed to amass. A million dollars to travel the world? I mean, I could  spend a million on it, but I don't think it would be necessary to require that much to have a wonderful time traveling. Bette