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the gigantic priority list

This is going to be large. Also, I'll be updating it often. At least, I hope often. Priority #1: Practice for Cedar Creek audition on keyboards Finished! Audition went well, but I won't know if I'm in for another month. (2/23) #2: Go through Earn 1k course and be ACTIONABLE...DO something! Printed out materials for course. (2/25) Write out 5 Actionable things to do for today and tomorrow. (2/27) #3: Write a song for Joe #4: Read How to Listen to God - and write about my reflections. Less important tasks in random order: #5: Read New Testament (write reflections, nearly daily reading) Read Desire (write reflections) Read The Four Loves (write reflections) Read The Inner Game of Music (write reflections) Read Mere Christianity (write reflections) Write music Check out Skype and other idea for long distances friendships Cook vegan food I bought vegetables and sub bread for my lunches this week (2/22) Do more photography Join a small group Bible st

ugh, highlights

Sorry about the confusion over highlighted words in the last post. I didn't realize that the highlights would stay -  they appear after one clicks the spell checking option. I figured that when I posted the entry, the highlighting wouldn't still be there. I was wrong. Now I'm irritated. Grr.

dancing with smurfs