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What I Did During the Pandemic

 Technically, the pandemic isn't over, but I'm considering my personal pandemic over - I am fully vaccinated! I can travel and see friends and family, now! I thought I would list what I remember accomplishing during my person pandemic, between March 12, 2020, the last day I went to the office to work, and yesterday, April 29, 2021 the first day I could be considered fully vaccinated. Ran a 5k in a new personal time after extensive training throughout March 2020 and September 2020 when the North Hills 5K took place Visited the Eno River Confluence Area for a 2 mile hike After 16 year hiatus, relearned how to ride a bike, and rode just over 100 miles throughout the summer of 2020. I also walked 182 miles and ran 120 miles. Completed projects like Exercise Every Day in August 2020, Photo a Day Challenge from April to June of 2020, and was able to continue daily posting from August 2019 to August 2020.  Compiled and edited a Gluten free cookbook after months of reading other cookbo

Financial Book Review 2, or There Is No Perfect Pepsi

Malcolm Gladwell gave a talk about choice and gave the example of Howard Moskowitz and his work with Pepsi - after testing, he considered that there is no Perfect Pepsi, only Perfect Pepsis .  I mention this, because I decided to read three more financial books, Smart Couples Finish Rich, The Millionaire Next Door, and its sequel The Next Millionaire Next Door. After reading them, as well as some discussion from friends, I've decided/agreed that just like there is no Perfect Pepsi, there is no Perfect Financial book to give to others. With that in mind, I should amend my rating for Bach's The Automatic Millionaire, then, to probably 2 or even 2.5/5 rather than the 1 I originally gave it. The point of the book is to get people interested in saving and investing, and an embellished story may not hurt. After all, I didn't try to make the math work when I read it the first time around. I happened to borrow Smart Couples Finish Rich , also by David Bach. I liked this book much