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Day #9: Opportunity Fund

Just like an emergency fund is good for covering unexpected emergencies, an opportunity fund is good for unexpected opportunities. Even though I haven't filled my opportunity fund, I took a chunk out of my checking account recently because I saw an opportunity. I just came back from Austin, Texas where I spent a week for vacation.  The previous time I went down, I brought my camera (a Canon DSLR), three lenses, an extra battery and the battery charger and packed it in my carry-on with my laptop.  I ended up taking 0 photos.  The most recent trip down, I decided not to bring my camera, and when I got there, my friend was looking forward to taking photos with me at Zilker park. I had a choice. Either forget shooting at Zilker, or go buy a camera. I've been wanting to purchase a point-and-shoot camera for about two years now, and none of the cameras that I had looked at were meeting my criteria. Getting my "real" camera around and carrying it when there's a l

Day #8: The Life Plan

Ah, finally, the weekend! I had a wonderful week at work. Busy, but good.   Yesterday , I told you that I would share my life plan. I suppose that I should put some sort of disclaimer here about how my life plan will (and should!) change as I get older. I can't realistically plan for the future more than five years or so. So, here we go! I'm 24. I work in a cubicle, playing with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. I invest in the stock market, pay my taxes and have no interest bearing debt. I live in the midwest and drive a modest and free car. When I die, I want to be known as a composer, playing with many recording gadgets as I could get my hands on. I want to have invested in myself, pay my dues and have no interesting debts. I'd like to live in a warmer climate and drive a modest and free car. Now then, how do I get from here to there? One of the easiest things for me to immediately enact is investing in myself.  Just by writing in my blog is finding out my &q

Day #7: Go go Roth IRAs!

Today was fantastic! I had Bible study, work went well, and I'm opening up a Roth IRA, as I write! I was hoping to share with you screen shots with step by step instructions but my screen shots are not being what I imagined. While I work on this, I'll leave you just a small description: I opened a Roth IRA with T. Rowe Price. I invested in one fund. It's an aggressive growth fund, and I feel that I will be working at least 40 more years that I should be able to ride out any bumps. Even though I didn't have the money to make an initial required investment, they would waive the rule if I set up an Automatic Asset Builder with at least $50 per month. I'm looking forward to being creative with what I earn - I want an emergency fund, a 10% savings fund, an opportunity fund, a tax-deferred fund and a tax-free fund. What are my purposes for all these different funds? The emergency fund is nearly complete and it's only for emergencies - car breaks down, my hai

Day #6: I bought so much jewelry!

This evening, I attended one of those "parties" hosted by a couple of my good friends. These kinds of parties are not my cup of tea - where a stranger, all bubbly and cute tries to sell you expensive stuff you don't want. Then, there's an added bonus of all your close friends there inadvertently pressuring you to purchase something. (Though they claim otherwise.) This party was a Premier Designs Jewelry party. I wear no jewelry. Ever. I'd be very happy to continue this trend. And I stuck to my guns (partially because I'm poor this month) and purchased nothing. I had a good time talking with friends, and was able to see a few that I've not seen for years. But I digress - you're not here to read about the jewelry party, so enjoy tonight's topic: Change! Not the stuff in your pocket that you're going to wash when you forget to check your pants. This definition of change is: things that are not constant that usually people would prefer them to be c

Day #5: Declutter Your Mind

I was productive today! Our topic of discussion this evening: How to get someone or something off your mind . Thanks, Glen Allsopp for this amazing post! My thoughts: Glen is absolutely right. When things or people are upsetting you, there are two ways to get through it - accept it and move on, or change it and move on. The similarities between the actions: move on. Don't sulk in your problems, don't identify yourself as your problems. Letting them stop you makes your life stop. Sure, you're waking up every morning and going through your daily tasks, but you aren't growing, nor learning, nor really living. Glen talks about being in the present moment in several posts, including this one. To be in the present moment requires you to forget the past and forget the future. No worries nor problems. Only focus on your senses or tasks or the person with whom you're connecting. Focus is a big deal. You clear your mind of clutter. It lets your better yourself with your rel

Day #4: Let's do a little digesting

Today, I finally got the emails written that I've been meaning to write since Saturday. Work went along fine, and I bought some pasta and cheese seasoning to make poor man's mac and cheese. I didn't turn my phone on today, and I think I'll leave it off until tomorrow morning to give my technological brain a break. (Augh, going through withdrawals! Must... text... must... check voicemails....) Heh, no, I'm okay. Really. I've been bookmarking blog posts that I have been meaning to read. Today's topic: Meditation! I decided to read this post by Glen Allsopp. My thoughts? It's a great guide for those whom have never tried meditation. I need more practice. I wasn't able to get my mind to shut off, and my eyes were darting back and forth as if to say, "Laura, what are you doing? Why aren't you DOING something?" Meditation is something I want to practice and to achieve, as well as yoga. Baby steps, I guess. I took five or more minutes and fo

Day #3: I'll fly away

I was looking forward to watching loads of Monarch butterflies being released on Saturday. However, the Butterfly House changed the date of the event, and so I ended up being a week early. In conclusion, I'm still looking forward to watching butterflies being released. I sent a few emails, and thought of a couple more that I need to send today. I went to the bookstore yesterday and was thinking about buying a book, then thought about buying a journal, even though I have many, many books I want to read that are on my bookshelf, and many blank pieces of paper in different shapes and sizes that are suitable for any writing task. But the trip was successful. I did not spend any money at the bookstore. And now I'm writing. I think I'll play piano after emailing people. «Laura»