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Day #2: Happy Strokeversary

A year ago today, I had a stroke. Read about it here . Today I feel great! I'm writing - one of the things that I wanted to do every day. I'm listening to one of my favorite local bands (now defunct). One Thin Dime had one album, Forthcoming. I absolutely love it! So far I've written two emails that I've been meaning to write for a week , and I have three emails yet to go. This afternoon and evening will be full of taking photos! I hope to write some music tonight, and, yeah, I should exercise. Catch up with you later! ║Laura║

Day #1: Do you think I'll stick with it?

In my quest to better myself, I've started this blog. Titled "Things I did today", I wanted a blog that tracked my successes and growth, yet didn't need a regimented posting schedule. So then, things I did today: I remembered my camera - my friends Joe and Kassie and I are going to take photos and Joe is going to teach me different things regarding photography. I remembered a recipe - Kassie and I are on the hunt for new and delicious recipes to add to our repertoire. I started reading the new QMS procedures at work. I have a quiz that I need to complete by 2pm today. I projected my six-month financial future: I will have fully funded emergency savings and have paid all of my medical debts. Things that I want to have ingrained into my brain: If I am just wasting time on the internet, I am not bettering myself. If I fail to record myself playing ANYTHING on the piano or ukulele, I am not bettering myself. I don't want to be be harsh on my pas