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Day #65: Internet on my phone day!

I am posting today's entry from my phone, and it is terribly exciting! I went to Gino's Pizza this evening with Joe and Kassie. We saw Murder Among Friends, a delightful play about attempting to murder your loved ones. I didn't do much today except for that. Tomorrow: Church with Kassie Play with my phone Do something creative That's all!

Day #64: The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

IMG_1476 , originally uploaded by shutterfli .

Day #63: The Cat in the Hat

IMG_1469 , originally uploaded by shutterfli .

Day #62: The Lavacake edition #2

I am making another set of lavacakes for a potluck that I'm crashing on Friday. I'll be baking the muffins today and then pouring in the hot fudge tomorrow. I've been busy taking photographs of different work teams at the office.  I'm terribly exhausted. Night! «Laura»

Day #61: The exercise is done!

I thought of 10 people I respect, and their most common traits were: Risk-taking Calm, laid back Fun Artsy Frugal These are traits that I have or wish to acquire. So tomorrow, I want to work on the artsy trait.  I'll be heading to Barnes and Noble. I think I'll work on taking macro photos with my 50mm f1.8 lens. I'll upload a few good ones tomorrow! «Laura»

Day #60: Yay for willpower, Toad!

I went to Barnes and Noble with my father and enjoyed some hot chocolate and skimmed some vegan cookbooks and philosophy books. I didn't buy any books!  I also couldn't come up with four more people for the exercise I'm trying to complete. I have tomorrow! «Laura»

Day #59: Go go Bible quiz

I sat in the opening practice for this year's Bible quiz at my folks' church. They wanted me to play, so I buzzed in, but since I hadn't read any of the material, I couldn't answer correctly, though my answers were close. I went home and recorded a silly song (I won't upload it here, mostly because it isn't that fantastic) and then took a three hour nap. Niki and I stayed up quite late last night! Tomorrow is the beginning of "Spirit Week" at the office. I'm excited for Tuesday, "Bundle Up Day". Finally, I won't be cold in the cubicle!!   Joe and I are official photographers, so we get to randomly walk around the office all week. To do tomorrow: 1) Go to Barnes and Noble with my father. 2) I am determined to NOT buy a book! 3) Finish an exercise, listing 10 people whom I respect and what qualities they possess. I have six on my list so far. There you have it. The computer and I are going to go sleep in different rooms! Th