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Advent Beer #24

 O'Shea's Winter Ale is a comforting cinnamon and clove spice ale, perfect for Christmas Eve. It is sweet and malty with a little bit of bitterness from the hops. A great ale, and I'd rate it 8/10, my highest rating. It is an excellent example of a spiced ale, similar to one of my favorite beers, New Belgium Pumpkick, a pumpkin beer with cranberry. A great beer to end Advent with, Merry Christmas to all!

Advent Beer #23

The last it-was-an-IPA-that-I-gave-away beers. It's still a good beer, and very reminiscent of Blue Moon. I'd keep the 6/10 rating - it isn't as refreshing as Blue Moon. I'm looking forward to the last beer tomorrow! 

Advent Beer #22

 The Traditional Irish Stout is sweet and malty and delicious, much better than the Robust version I drank a few weeks ago. I'd rate it a 7/10 and would happily buy it and drink it again! There was no bitter greens taste like the Robust. It is very drinkable and pleasant!

Advent Beer #21

 Kristoffel Belgian Blond Ale is malty and sweet and delicious. It has vanilla and caramel notes, and tastes similar to the Gulden Drak Belgian Quad, just not as cloyingly sweet. I'd rate it pretty high, at a 7/10, as it was very easy to drink and an excellent winter beer. I suppose I ought to look more into Kristoffel beers, as I enjoyed the other two as well.

Advent Beer #20

  White Tide is a Belgian White that has citrus and coriander forward, and tastes a lot like a Blue Moon. It isn't as citrusy as a Blue Moon, however. It's delicious, for someone who likes wheat beers and found it very drinkable. There's nothing that makes it stand out, though it is a fine beer on its own. It isn't quite as good as the Kinroo Blue, but very close. I'll rate it a 6/10, though I'd almost give it a 6.5, in the fact that it isn't bad at all, just nothing more interesting than the Kinroo or Blue Moon. Happily drink it at a party, or buy it if Kinroo or Blue Moon weren't available.