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Day #51: Waffles!!

The waffles were amazing! I used: 2 eggs 2 cups of unbleached flour 1 3/4 cups milk 1/2 cup canola oil 2 tbs sugar 4 tsp baking powder 3 tsp cinnamon 3 tsp vanilla Heat waffle iron per manufacturer's instructions.  Beat eggs. Combine rest of ingredients in order. Beat until the batter is smooth and consistent. Pour 1/2 cup batter on the waffle iron. For vegan waffles, one could substitute 2 tbsp flour, 1/2 tbsp shortening, 1/2 tsp baking powder and 2 tsp water for eggs and soy milk for regular milk. Super delicious! I cleaned my desk but kind of took a nap instead of listing my books on I did email the eateries and my father decided he wanted to eat larger seeds than the pumpkins I have will generate, so I'm waiting for him to get me some large pumpkins. I didn't stretch but will do that before I go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to church and then the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the afternoon, followed by eating at Blue

Day #50: The FAIL edition

Yep. Bible study was cancelled, and I didn't email the businesses. Instead, I bought a waffle iron and ingredients to make waffles!  I'm excited to make waffles, as I've been hankering for some homemade ones! (I also inventoried my portion of the pantry.) I spent the evening watching TV with the family and Elmer. To-do list for tomorrow: 1) Make waffles 2) Clean Desk 3) Email eateries 4) Pumpkinate 5) Stretch 6) List books on Okay, yay for waffles tomorrow!!! «Laura»

Day #49: Cute Elmer edition

IMG_5594 , originally uploaded by shutterfli . I know, this picture is a year old, but it's still one of my favorites. Anyhow: In my stretch book, Zone 1 is all about upper legs, hips and trunk. It's nice to start an exercise program but I'm more looking forward to Zone 2, shoulders! Hopefully I'll be able to be correctly limber to get rid of most of my shoulder pain. I did laundry, I stretched, adding one new exercise to the other six that I've practiced and I moved the pumpkins to the garage. Saturday, I plan on setting up a card table and cleaning out the pumpkins then. Didn't clean the desk, nor did I email eateries. I have a letter set up for businesses, I just haven't gotten the email addresses. At this point, I'm getting sleepy and I have a whole weekend ahead of me, so I'll conquer these things at that time! Things to do tomorrow: 1) Have bible study with Tiff 2) Email businesses The other things I will do on Saturday. Later! «Laura»

Day #48: I blame it on AT&T Wifi

Hmm. How did I do today? I read the magazines and pitched them except for one issue of Scientific Mind. Didn't clean desk nor dug up books to list. Uhm, neither did I inventory the pantry. If AT&T wifi was any good at Barnes and Noble, I would have got more vegan meals plans, but I did check out Veganomicon (awesome cookbook), and I plan on purchasing it soon. I did enjoy Barnes and Noble with my friend Laura! She's cute and fun! I didn't get to the pumpkin patch, nor did I match my black socks or email local eateries. However, I did do some stretching and added two exercises. Tomorrow: 1) Email local eateries regarding vegan entrees 2) Stretch 3) Pumpkinate 4) Clean desk 5) Do laundry Right now, I'm going to sleep.  Later! «Laura»

Day #47(a): Stretchy!

I am happy with my progress this evening! Elmer was in the harness, but we've decided to get him a different harness, and he really gives me dirty looks when he's in it. I voted! Didn't get to the pumpkins - it was dark by the time I was ready. Read the intro and four exercises in the stretch book. Practiced those four exercises. Didn't match up my socks. Not an urgent task. To-do list for tomorrow, 11/4/09 1) Read magazines in room, then pitch them 2) Clean desk 3) List books on 4) Inventory my part of the pantry 5) Find more vegan meal plans 6) Enjoy Barnes and Noble with friend Laura 7) Get the pumpkins around and ready to be massacred 8) Match black socks 9) Stretch - add a few more exercises to the ones already known 10) Email local eateries to know if they have vegan meals on the menu My guess is that I'll get through items 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9 tomorrow, but wanted to give myself more things if I happen to find the time

Day #47: Today's to-do list

After contemplating this blog, I thought it would benefit me to publish a to-do list in the morning, and see how far I got at night. These blog posts will generally be short, but I'll also have an item in my list a few days a week discussing something in length on the blog.  I usually have too many things on my to-do lists, so I won't be depressed if I don't get them all done. Things happen. To-do list: 1) Put a harness on Elmer (We really would love to have him be outside with us, but he runs away when we put him on the ground.) 2) Vote (Of course!) 3) Clean out pumpkins to get the seeds (Mmmmm!) 4) Read a part of "The Stretch Book" because I'm tired of my back and neck and shoulders always hurting (Ow. : (  Sad.) 5) Do some stretching (Ahhhh...) 6) Match up my black socks (They're in a pile and it's going to be a pain to look for a pair of socks in the morning.) Okay, so I feel better - I don't want to abandon this blog, an

Day #46: A realization?

I notice my blog posts have been short recently. I'm rethinking and re-evaluating my goals of this blog. I'll let you know what I decide soon. Meanwhile... «Laura»

Day #45: The COSI edition

I went to COSI with Kassie, Joe and Leo!  I took a bunch of pictures of Leo because he's the cutest of the group. After the exploration of science, they made dinner and we played Uno  drums.