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SIBO Positive and the low FODMAP diet

 I started the low FODMAP diet on Monday after a weekend of mild to moderate pain for most of the time. As much as I disliked the idea of changing up my normal grocery purchases I also dislike the months of pain, especially the days where I woke up in pain, worked all day in pain, and went to bed with pain. The probiotic that the doctor suggested wasn't helping much, and I decided to start the low FODMAP diet on Monday, even though I hadn't gotten the results from the SIBO test yet. Monday, I had eggs and ham and went to the store for more low FODMAP foods, like pork tenderloin, rice, quinoa, gluten free bread, Rice Chex, Corn Chex, bell peppers, approved tea, coffee, eggs, carrots, lettuce, and rice noodles. My balsamic vinaigrette from a previous trip already was approved. At least I have salads and eggs and cereal for when I didn't feel like cooking a proper meal. By Monday night, all my abdominal pain was gone. It was amazing. Around 9pm, I realized I didn't hurt an

The Start of the FODMAP diet

 My GI doc suggested I follow a FODMAP diet for a few weeks to attempt to eliminate foods that could be troubling my stomach for the last few months. It's a very restrictive diet, and people often lose weight on it, something I'd rather not do. Luckily, this is an elimination diet, not a lifestyle diet (At least I hope not!) to see if there is a food or food group that irritates the most. The issues started very suddenly and severely in late August and haven't really gotten resolved even though the pain has lessened. I've eaten roughly the same diet since March, so I can't imagine it's that, but it's at least something I can start with. I found a few food delivery services, but they were $12 - $14 per meal, and even if I eat two meals per day, that would be over $350 dollars for two weeks of meals, after considering taxes and shipping. I think I can do better than that. It looks like while oatmilk (and oats and milk) aren't on the allowed list for FODMAP