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Weeks 1 and 2 of the FODMAP diet and Epicured food service

 I started the low FODMAP diet on November 16th after a very painful weekend. By that Thursday, the 19th, I was notified that I was indeed SIBO positive and prescribed an antibiotic, which I picked up on Thursday and started that night. This week, I've had little pain until Thanksgiving day, where I woke up with severe pain that persisted for a good hour, then I spent the rest of the day in moderate pain. It wasn't until Friday morning that my pain was down to mild for most of the day, and on Saturday it's been intermittently mild. I'm unsure why Thursday was such a difference in pain since I had been on the antibiotic for a week, hadn't eaten anything other than low FODMAP meals, and drank plenty of water and green tea. I'm glad that the pain eventually subsided. I ordered a few meals from Epicured, as I wanted to have a proper Thanksgiving meal. Stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and chocolate chip cookies. (Turkey was just from the grocery store.) Since the shi