Shio Ramen

  I decided to make Serious Eats' Shio Ramen . I felt like making a ramen, because it would use a salt stock rather than a poultry or beef stock that would lean on garlic and onion that I was attempting to remove from my diet in the short term. I didn't quite read through all the recipe before committing to it in my head, and it ballooned into, I think, my most complicated recipe ever. I started with looking at the necessary ingredients, bonito flakes and kombu to make the dashi. I ordered them from Amazon, and the flakes came from Japan. I saw that there was a Shio Tare in the ramen recipe and looked into what that is - basically lemon salt liquid with some kombu. Ok, two days before I want to make the ramen, I need to make the shio tare, and one day before, I need to make the dashi. The day of, I need to boil water and chicken stock (I ended up finding bouillon that didn't have garlic or onion), add bonito flakes into the dashi and steep, then soft boil eggs, then start

SIBO and Continuation of Low FODMAP Diet

 I've been on the low FODMAP diet now for a month and a half. I've been feeling much better and pain free for most of the time. While I've only had one day of severe pain all day (a week and a half after I started the diet, I have mild unattributable pain about once or twice a week, and generally for 5 - 15 minutes. What a difference! One of the issues with SIBO and low FODMAP diet - after almost three months of nearly non-stop pain, my body doesn't really register hunger until is it really hungry. Any discomfort is just a general pain feeling instead of hunger pain. And with low FODMAP being low calorie, I'm getting hungry more often. That also doesn't help the end of my braces situation - I used to eat two larger meals so I didn't need to take out my braces and clean my teeth more than three times a day. With the need to eat more often, I either brush and floss my teeth after each snack or meal or keep the braces off longer than suggested. I've ended u

Molasses (nope, Maple Syrup) Cookies (made with Rice Flour)

I decided to make some cookies, and due to SIBO, I needed to find a recipe that excluded wheat flour, milk and milk chocolate. How about Molasses cookies? I found a recipe from Bon Apetit that looks like I could alter. I bought white rice flour and looked up if I could have molasses per my low FODMAP diet, and found out that I cannot! However, I could have maple syrup, and while not nearly as thick as molasses, it still has a sweet dark flavor, and could thicken it using cornstarch.  After the cookies were done and I ate one (or three, they're small) I deemed the altered recipe good enough to repeat and write up in the recipes portion of my website, calling them Ginger and Maple Syrup Cookies . The cookies are light and puffy and are similar to a mild ginger cookie. I'm looking forward to trying these again in the future with molasses to see how the taste changes.

Advent Beer #24

 O'Shea's Winter Ale is a comforting cinnamon and clove spice ale, perfect for Christmas Eve. It is sweet and malty with a little bit of bitterness from the hops. A great ale, and I'd rate it 8/10, my highest rating. It is an excellent example of a spiced ale, similar to one of my favorite beers, New Belgium Pumpkick, a pumpkin beer with cranberry. A great beer to end Advent with, Merry Christmas to all!

Advent Beer #23

The last it-was-an-IPA-that-I-gave-away beers. It's still a good beer, and very reminiscent of Blue Moon. I'd keep the 6/10 rating - it isn't as refreshing as Blue Moon. I'm looking forward to the last beer tomorrow! 

Advent Beer #22

 The Traditional Irish Stout is sweet and malty and delicious, much better than the Robust version I drank a few weeks ago. I'd rate it a 7/10 and would happily buy it and drink it again! There was no bitter greens taste like the Robust. It is very drinkable and pleasant!

Advent Beer #21

 Kristoffel Belgian Blond Ale is malty and sweet and delicious. It has vanilla and caramel notes, and tastes similar to the Gulden Drak Belgian Quad, just not as cloyingly sweet. I'd rate it pretty high, at a 7/10, as it was very easy to drink and an excellent winter beer. I suppose I ought to look more into Kristoffel beers, as I enjoyed the other two as well.