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Don't want to run

I ran today, even though I didn't want to run. I stretched beforehand and didn't worry about speed, only form. I found out that I was dropping my feet so that my first contact on the asphalt were my toes and not mid-foot. I worked on keeping my foot level when I landed, and found that it was a lot less effort for running. I ended up running my fastest mile ever at 12:33! My second mile was slower, because my legs were tired and my breathing was more labored, but I still finished the second mile at 14:21. My walking pace never got slower than 14:40 and most of the time was much faster. I'm really happy that I went out, even though it was 81 degrees and 90% humidity. It ended up being a great run! Before that, I drank two cups of coffee while continuing to read Power of Habit that I've mentioned before. Going past the habit building of Cue-routine-reward, creating a craving, and believing in yourself, what I read today discussed that small wins are extremely helpful f

Accomplishments 2

Could have done more, I admit, but I tidied up the apartment and met a few friends for lunch and finished up organizing my closet. I'm about to play piano for a bit, and I'll soon head to UPS to drop off a few packages. While I expected to do a few more things, the most important things were accomplished, so I'm happy. I played Geoguessr, but lost by a few hundred points. I've sent off my request to have my name changed at my apartment complex and changed my name at Citibank. On Monday, I'll change my name at Fidelity and set up my appointment with my doctor for a physical - they were closed today.


Yesterday was a very successful day. Got many tasks done at work, then went for a 2 mile run in the hopes of running faster than 28:00, my current fastest. Was able to run it in 27:05! First mile was just over 13 minutes! What a shock, and a pleasant one at that! I don't believe I've ever run a mile that fast before. After the workout, I cooked myself a proper dinner - ate one of the Beyond Meat patties. It's not exactly like meat, but it's certainly close! And since I'd gotten a run and dinner in and it was only 7pm, I decided to tackle a few more projects. I hung up two pictures and then cleaned out and organized my dresser, and got a few odd and ends finished. Ran out of time to organize my closet, so that'll be the project for today. Looking forward to today and even more tomorrow - having lunch with a friend who is in town this week!

Ten Years Later

On September 25, 2009, I published this blog entry: Guess I could do a bit of an update. I'm 34, now. I still work in a cubicle, but I use SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools. I'm not a Project Coordinator in project management, I'm a Database Administrator. I invest in the stock market, pay as few taxes as I can, and have no interest bearing debt. I live in the southeast and drive a modest and free car - just not the one I mentioned drove when I was 24. In a month, I'll have my Honda for 10 years. It is still a struggle to get into music. I have a lovely keyboard, and friends and family who encourage me. I still hate scales and never memorized the original 4 that was my goal 10 years ago. I've played through Level 1 of Alfred's Adult learner and am about halfway through Level 2, but it isn't terribly inspiring. However, I've gotten into gardening, hiking, meditation


This week in the evenings, and during the weekend I'll be tacking several projects. Back up computer files Scan and shred paper files Organize closet and dresser Plan blog posts Go through freezer and meal prep for the coming week Hang pictures Finish name change details I'll be continuing a few habits. Running Stretching Meditating Playing piano Writing I can see why I felt like watching TV was taking up too much time - I'm putting off things that I would like to do. I'll get back to Minecraft once I get most of these projects complete.

Planning Required

About a month in, it seems that planning what I want to write is necessary - especially since a busy day at work, and then an evening of socializing doesn't lend to much time for blog writing. I have projects I want to do, but it seems actual life and not just procrastination is slowing me down. I'll be run/walking a 5k again tomorrow. The rest of the week looks to be lighter so I can do things like organize papers and my closet and back up my computer and go through my photos from this summer. I'm looking forward to quiet and getting things done.

Powerwalking times and effort

I just powerwalked a 5k to see what time I could get.Turns out I power walk just slightly slower (less than 10 seconds a mile) than I run. It suggests to me that I'm running at the wrong pace or have the wrong stride, or that I need to force my body to draw enough air to supply myself with oxygen for longer strides. Next experiment - powerwalking 2.5 miles and jogging .6 miles. Also another experiment is to sprint 0.10 miles and recover/walk the next 0.40. I'm noticing that I can recover faster than I've ever been able to since heading to Arizona for a short hiking trip with my brother, who can easily outhike me. I'm holding fast for my avoidance goals: no checking financials, no wasting time on social media, no watching political TV via Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, and no watching the news. I've not checked financials, nor wasted time on social media, nor watched political TV or checked the news. I feel like I'm out of touch, so after the month is