Yesterday was a very successful day. Got many tasks done at work, then went for a 2 mile run in the hopes of running faster than 28:00, my current fastest. Was able to run it in 27:05! First mile was just over 13 minutes! What a shock, and a pleasant one at that! I don't believe I've ever run a mile that fast before.

After the workout, I cooked myself a proper dinner - ate one of the Beyond Meat patties. It's not exactly like meat, but it's certainly close! And since I'd gotten a run and dinner in and it was only 7pm, I decided to tackle a few more projects. I hung up two pictures and then cleaned out and organized my dresser, and got a few odd and ends finished. Ran out of time to organize my closet, so that'll be the project for today.

Looking forward to today and even more tomorrow - having lunch with a friend who is in town this week!


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