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Hobbies and a walk

I'm getting into a routine of reading, working out or having a walk or run, cooking, playing GeoGuessr and the NYT mini crossword, and I very much like it. It's nice that my place is quiet and full of natural light, with a large covered patio. Today's mini crossword was a little annoying as it was using two words for one answer multiple times. And I really wanted 8 across to be dander.... danders? It was the last one I had to guess, and was irritated.

Small hobbies chip away at the time

Today, I read more of Douglas Adams' book, played GeoGuessr, watched some videos from the YT channel Technology Connections, and filled in the daily NYT mini crossword in 1 minute and 25 seconds. I like the crossword puzzles and will continue to do them. Coronavirus update: People still are getting sick, just not as many, and there are plans for a phased approach to reopen businesses and how to operate, both from an employee and customer perspective.

Some hobbies, more social

This evening, I attended "Practice Church" for one of my friends, who is holding Home Church Services. We were asked as guinea pigs for our thoughts, and I very much appreciated the kind and encouraging way that participation was invoked. I'm hoping the group of us who attended were helpful to the deacon, so she'll be ready for Sunday. Work was more meetings, a dreadful deploy that took hours, and the bright spot was lunch with two of my friends, via Teams. We talked about the current state of affairs at work and at in the country. I solved more problems, and acted as the BA again. Afterward, I enjoy playing Geoguessr and co-solving the NYT mini crossword puzzle with one of my friends. It reminded me of 1 - how much I enjoyed crossword puzzles, and 2 - my grandmother, because she always had books of crossword puzzles and would solve the crossword puzzle in the local paper. Maybe I should look into getting a crossword puzzle book. I didn't get to piano, but I

Finally got to some hobbies

I had to push myself off my chair to work out and play piano, but I'm glad I did! I also played another round of Geoguessr with one of my friends and texted a few others. Work was work - I played QA and BA and DBA and will play Deployment Engineer tomorrow morning at 7am. Nothing new to report except that I'm not sick and I got a double pay day, as I am paid on the 15th and last of the month, and got the stimulus check today. Guess I'll save it for my favorite restaurants that survive when I feel comfortable enough to either get take out or delivery. I haven't paid attention to the news today, so I will just guess what happened: Trump lied about something he said before. More people died of Covid. Did I get it right?


Today: meetings and work and emergency meetings and deployments and documentation. But I also read more of Last Chance to See, and video chatted with two friends about how this whole pandemic thing makes everything weird, and finding new helpful podcasts, and if U2 are overrated, and how to pronounce milquetoast, because it can't be as easy as just saying "milk" and "toast", can it? Apparently, the data was wrong yesterday, and we did not cross 2 million cases, as I see we're back under that mark. Maybe tomorrow.

Not much to show and tell

I managed to not sleep until the storm was about to arrive, which was dumb. I tossed and turned from 10pm - 3am, but was able to sleep until my just-before-7am-alarm. I'm quite tired now, so I'll be turning in soon. Today I worked on deployment concerns, sat in a few meetings, and discussed documentation with the other DBA. I took a short walk at lunch, enjoyed the breezy outside, and again enjoyed the very pleasant and mild weather on my patio. I worked on some photography exercises, both in composition and post production, and expect to continue my practice through May or so. I played GeoGuessr with one of my friends after talking about our day too long to play an entire round of Othello. Guess that will wait for another day. All this, of course, being done via videocall. I have a few photography books that I'll reference as I get ideas, and hope my photography progresses in complexity and intrigue. Coronavirus update: We hit the 2 million case mark. Only 7.8 bill

It's a Quiet Easter

I am waiting for severe weather, but it won't hit until 3am or so. I don't care for weather that hits in the middle of the night.I'll be unplugging my router and computers before bed so my electronics won't get fried in case of a lightning strike. I'm also setting the AC a little cooler than normal, so if my AC goes out, I won't be stuck with an extra warm apartment at the start. Tomorrow's high will be 80, and I know I've been able to sleep with, but not particularly enjoy, an apartment that's as warm as 90 degrees. Easter was pleasant and calm, and I went for a walk/run for about 2 miles. Read more from Last Chance to See, about mountain gorillas and cooked some carnitas, rice and beans for my meals. Hopefully my power stays on so I don't have to deal with spoiled food or take a PTO day tomorrow because I couldn't connect to the network.