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Advent Beer #5

  The fifth Advent beer is Kristoffel Belgian Dark Beer. I'm a fan of Belgian dark beers as well as bocks, marzens and Kasteel's Chocolate Quad. This Kristoffel dark beer is very drinkable and smooth and enjoyable. I'd rate it a 6/10. Something I would happily drink if given to me, or buy if it were on sale.  The coffee for the day was Brazilian. There wasn't anything particularly remarkable about it, but it was very nice and a bit sweeter than the normal store brand that I had second.

Advent Beer #4

  Today's beer is O'Shea's Celtic Wheat Beer. I am a big fan of wheat beers, so this one wasn't bad, but there was not an interesting characteristic. Most wheat beers I've had are either citrus forward or banana/cloves forward. This is just... wheat. There is no strong aroma out of it, either. It's almost like you could chew it, it's so wheaty. I'd give it a 5/10. Drinkable, and I'd drink it happily if given to me for free, but I wouldn't be seeking to purchase it. The coffee of today was White Chocolate Mocha. It smelled lovely, but tasted of that fake chemically chocolate. I paired it with my oat milk, which helped. I think if I were to have a mocha, I'd just do it properly by adding some chocolate to good coffee.

Advent Beer #3

  Brens is a German style lager made in Belgium. It looks like a Heineken, smells like a Heineken and tastes like a Heineken. Also, I don't like Heinenken. I'd rate this beer 2/10. I didn't finish it, I wouldn't want it for free, but it isn't a bad beer. It's just in a style I dislike. I'm sure people who like Heineken would think it was excellent! The coffee of the day was Organic Peru. It smelled like a medium roast but tasted more bitter than a medium. It was fine, but nothing I would want to seek out.

Advent Beer #2

  Excellent, a wheat beer! And, it is a German one, which means it'll have banana and clove forward instead of citrus and coriander. It makes the beer taste sweet but not sharp like the latter. I'd rate this beer a 7/10. Very tasty, and would order one if the price wasn't steep. Absolutely would happily drink it if I were given one.  Today's coffee was a Costa Rica blend that smelled very dark but was sweet and very drinkable. I'd have more of that, if I could ever find out how to buy more at Aldi.

Advent Beer #1

  The Wernesgrüner pilsner is sweet but pale and has more character than the American pilsners I've had before. I wouldn't buy it for myself, as I am not big on pale beers, but if given to me for free, I'd take it. I'd rate it 4/10. Drinkable, but not something I'd like to have again. As far as the coffee and cheese advent calendars, I decided to not start on the cheese until after my low FODMAP diet is over, and when I opened up today's coffee, it was "Apple Pie" flavored. Since apple is high FODMAP I didn't want to take my chances, and I'll relegate it to the 'after FODMAP' pile. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow!