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My Personal Finance Journey

My personal finance journey doesn't start with personal finance at all. It started with wanting to find a local band's touring schedule. I went to the URL I thought they had, and it turned out they let their ownership of the domain lapse, and it was picked up by a person that wrote personal finance articles instead. Sadly, since it's been 14 years since then, I can't find mention of their website anymore. At least they got $10 for encouraging me to sign up for a checking and savings account at ING Direct through an affiliate link, where I got a sign up bonus of $25. I've always been a good saver, but this new direction got me interested in saving more, for more purposes. I eagerly consumed articles from these websites: The Simple Dollar Get Rich Slowly Wise Bread Then the tips for frugality being mastered, I moved onto other blogs that talked about saving enough to consider retiring early, namely I Will Teach You To Be Rich (and then I borrowed the I Will T

Financial Talk

Earlier this month, I mentioned I would be giving a talk about personal finances in November through the wellness group at work. However, another group didn't know about my plan and booked a Financial Adviser about the same topics I wanted to cover. Not a problem, it just means I don't have to create a presentation with a deadline. I can post more articles on the topic without feeling pressured. I then deviated from my plan of majority financial posts in October and only wrote when I felt I had something interesting to share. My overall goal for the talk was to getting people to consider what they value. Everyone knows they should budget. If they don't specifically know how, there are plenty of articles and services on the internet like Mint and YNAB and Personal Capital. Everyone knows they have to save money. Everyone knows they should have an Emergency fund. Everyone knows they are going to retire at some point. The specifics of how to get there can be easily found o

The Gym, part 5

Yesterday I went to the gym for the orientation class and a 'Design your own routine' class. The trainer walked through all of the resistance machines and demonstrated all of the equipment. Looked pretty straightforward, but is always a different thought when y ou're  the one on the machine pushing or pulling, staring at the picture and wondering if you're engaging the correct muscles. The trainer then suggested some core and upper body exercises, but said she would prefer to see me in a class or two to look at my form and what I would need to really tailor my workouts, so I signed up for two classes tomorrow and one class on Tuesday. We'll see how they go, and hopefully I can nail down a routine that hits the whole body and leaves me feeling exhausted but good. My 5k is in 2 weeks, and I'm still struggling with my times, but I improved my form, so I'm hoping that I can hit my goal of lower than a 47 minute total time. After that, I'll likely run onl

My non resting Rest Day

Yesterday, I enjoyed my rest day. I played piano and found another YouTube channel to watch called Better Ideas . I also got a few chores done, but most of my time was spent watching YouTube between John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and Better Ideas. John Oliver always has shows about serious topics, but I am starting to find them just depressing and overwhelming. I think I'll stop watching his show for a bit and see how I feel. The Better Ideas channel was great! I can't recall the guy's name, but he had some great tips mixed in with a 'tough love' mindset and a bit of psychology. If you start whatever task you're procrastinating on, it's likely you'll continue. Do things that will get you started like making sure there aren't things in your way, and reward yourself for starting. After watching the videos, I was more than ready and willing to play piano. I played a few songs in Alfred's adult learner and Hanon Exercises, which I feel lik

When a rest day is not a rest day

Last night, I was thinking "I get a rest day tomorrow! I am not going to the gym, or running outside, or meeting anyone after work. I'll be warming up leftovers, so I won't be cooking, and I'll just be able to rest." Except, I shouldn't just rest. After writing yesterday's post about my hobbies, and how I'd done some of them several times the last two weeks but not all of them easily spaced out, it was kind of disappointing and surprising I've gone another two weeks with several hobbies in the '0 sessions done' category. Looking at my calendar, most of my social activities will be on the weekend instead of weekday evenings which will allow me the time to do things after work. For the next two weeks, my hobby count will look more like this: Exercise/Running: 6 Spending time socializing with friends: 5 Writing: 14 Board Games/Video Games: 2 Learning/Catching up on News via YouTube: 3 Photography: 1 Playing Piano: 7 Music Compositi

Response to Mad Fientist's Everyone should have a business

I recently read one of my favorite FIRE bloggers, Mad Fientist. His article discussed how in his view everyone should have a business. He suggests that just having hobbies isn't good enough, and that the accountability that a business presents is paramount. I see where he's coming from. But, I disagree. Unless you don't have your habits already set up, or don't identify as something that's important, a business can spur you along. However, the business was created for accountability and habit building. He mentioned his goal had nothing to do with money. He just wanted a more structured routine, which everyone does. And the way he created that routine was by starting his business and sharing with others, so he gets built in accountability. Sure, if you don't have a habit and craving to do your hobbies, then with all the time in the world, you can practice your hobby tomorrow. I'm finding that I have a lot of hobbies that I'm not focusing on, mostly b

The Gym, part 4

Went to the gym again today and focused on strength training machines instead of cardio, to get a baseline of how much I can comfortably lift (or pull or push) so when I go back on Wednesday for the two classes I signed up for, I'll at least have a starting idea of what I want and where I want to go, regarding a goal. It's important to keep in mind a concrete goal, as you can effectively communicate it to others that are interested in helping you, and good to keep in mind that it's what you're going for. I have a friend a few years older than me, who has been into working out for a while, but I'm certain that I can get close to her look with patience and persistence while going through a long term strength training program. She's such a sweet person and looks wonderful, and her health and positivity seems so effortless. I know it isn't without effort of course, but she's made strength training a habit and part of her identity so that it's a task th