When a rest day is not a rest day

Last night, I was thinking "I get a rest day tomorrow! I am not going to the gym, or running outside, or meeting anyone after work. I'll be warming up leftovers, so I won't be cooking, and I'll just be able to rest."

Except, I shouldn't just rest. After writing yesterday's post about my hobbies, and how I'd done some of them several times the last two weeks but not all of them easily spaced out, it was kind of disappointing and surprising I've gone another two weeks with several hobbies in the '0 sessions done' category. Looking at my calendar, most of my social activities will be on the weekend instead of weekday evenings which will allow me the time to do things after work.

For the next two weeks, my hobby count will look more like this:
Exercise/Running: 6
Spending time socializing with friends: 5
Writing: 14
Board Games/Video Games: 2
Learning/Catching up on News via YouTube: 3
Photography: 1
Playing Piano: 7
Music Composition: 0
Travel: 0

I don't expect the Music Composition or Travel hobbies to tick up in frequency terribly soon. I need to practice more piano first, for the composition, and have to go somewhere to get the Travel hobby checked. The rest of the hobbies listed have a reasonable planned frequency.

This evening, I'll play piano and plan rough drafts for future posts, and possibly play some Mario 64 or Minecraft.


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