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Day #100: Johnson dinner

First, I must apologize. The restaurant in Ithaca, NY is Moosewood, not Moosehead. Sorry about that! The Johnson dinner was good as always! I made butterscotch pie. Delicious! Pretty laid back day. I'm on page 245 in Life of Pi and expect to finish it by the start of next week. Next week I have off of work! How exciting! I'm looking forward to cooking from the Moosewood cookbooks. Tomorrow: Church, perhaps Verizon, and need to do laundry. Maybe make a salad. If so, I'll post pictures! «Laura»

Day #99: Christmas!

I lounged about today. Ate, ate and ate some more. Pie and chocolate chip pancake for breakfast Chips and salsa for the heck of it Lasagna, garlic bread and green bean casserole And I'm going to read the introductions of the cookbooks I received from my brother Todd for Christmas. I flipped through the recipes and it looks like they are pesco-vegetarian books. I'm looking forward to cooking from the books! They're from the Moosehead Restaurant in Ithaca, NY. Road trip! Tomorrow: Johnson dinner «Laura»

Day #98: Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was wonderful! Spent time with family, then went to the Christmas Eve service at the folks' church. After was invited to two parties and I enjoyed eating shrimp and laughing with people I've not seen in several months or longer. Christmas tomorrow! I'll be eating way too much pie. Yay! «Laura»

Day #97: Christmas Eve Eve

I went to Christmas Eve service at Cedar Creek. It was fun and energizing! Must have been 1500 or more people there. There was an alter call, which I would have expected at such a large service so close to a metropolitan area. The message was good, but not enlightening. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Eve service tomorrow at my folks' church. The message is always excellent and it'll be nice to see some of my friends there.  My brother and his girlfriend is coming over with my nephews and her son and we'll be sharing a meal and exchanging gifts. Adios! «Laura»

Day #96: Vegan meatballs and spaghetti

IMG_0792 , originally uploaded by shutterfli . Quite delicious, but I didn't have patience to let the meatballs cook...also, I made them too big...and I put too many in my pan. Other than that, it was great! They tasted awesome, but not quite like meat - but I think that's my fault. The noodles are just run of the mill noodles, cooked in a not-so-special way, Meatballs consist of: Kidney beans (28 oz) Bread crumbs (1/2 cup) TVP (1/4 cup) Garlic (2 cloves) Thyme (1/4 teaspoon) Oregano (1/4 teaspoon) Soy sauce (2 tablespoons) Steak sauce (2 tablespoons) Mash the kidney beans until no bean is left whole. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mash, knead and smush the concoction until firm and mixed through. Ball the beans roughly the size of walnuts. (This may also be why my meatballs weren't how I hoped - I don't know how large walnuts are.) Fry the beans in oil for 15 minutes, stirring often. When the noodles are done, serve the noodles and

Day #95: How much do I have to pay?

Ugh. Can't get a straight answer from the hospital as to what I owe. I'm going to bed. I'm tired of them calling me after I set up an automatic payment plan with them. Goodnight.

Day #94: Non-exciting day

Slept until 10:30am, church, ate leftovers to clean out the fridge, read Life of Pi to page 115, going to bed. Tomorrow will be more exciting. I'll be making more vegan food. At least you'll get pictures! {Laura}