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Hooray, I was accepted into CedarCreek's music ministry! I'll be playing keys for their high school service and LifeSupport, a group for those with serious problems (divorce, abuse, addiction, etc). Also, my heart is in great shape! Stress test found nothing wrong, I had no problems during or after while recovering from the test. Went to the primary care doctor. She thinks I am borderline anemic, so she took some blood to test it. I should know the results today. Now I suppose I should get up and get ready for work. I'd much rather go back to sleep.


I'm very tired. Have been since 2/25. Could be anemia, low iron. Thought it was heart related since my heart was intermittently beating harder and faster when at rest. Went to cardiologist. EKG came back normal. Have to wear an event monitor until April 2nd. Tomorrow will have a stress test. If stress test doesn't shed light, I'll go see my primary care doctor.  I know this isn't mono. I've had that before. Will let you know more tomorrow after stress test.