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Day #23: Fitting photos

Here are photos of the crunched Cirrus and the fantastic Fit! The Fit is go!

Day #22: The phone conversationalist

I was really productive today! Got a lot of work done, called Progressive to change my policy from my Cirrus to my Fit, had them fax the changed policy to Brown Honda for proof that the new car is insured since I'm getting my financing through American Honda Finance Corp, called Westfield insurance to make my statement (and hopefully get my $500 deductible back since it wasn't my fault), faxed the local Progressive rep my bill of sale to get the sales tax reimbursed (up to the value of the sales tax of the Cirrus), called Straightline, the company that manages my 401(k) on the cheap and negotiated a good rate for my account management, drove the awesome fun new car a little, from home to work, then to the local hospital to see my friend Tiff (She works there) and drove back home. I just finished the ice cream, so I might buy more tomorrow before I head to Joe and Kassie's. Mmmm, ice cream... «Laura»

Day #21: The Fit is Go!

Actually, my Fit stopped...right in my garage!!  I love it so much! I was able to negotiate $850 down on the purchase price and 0.135% down on the finance rate and put enough down that my monthly payments are $260. Yay for my first real try at negotiating! This weekend will be a rather lazy weekend. I'm looking forward to it! I'll have pictures soon! «Laura»

Day #20: Last full day of driving a 2005 Dodge Neon

For those whom want to guess where I rented the car, in the passenger seat is a handicap sign, a pillow, a cane and previously an oxygen tank. Tomorrow is the day to get Fit. Tonight is the night to get sleep.  Later! «Laura»

Day #19: Car car car car car....

My mind is all about the car junk, but it will be settled on Thursday night. I've decided on the 2009 Honda Fit Sport, black.  I have negotiated the price down $800 and I'll get it from Brown Honda.  Now I just need to figure out what I'll get for interest rates on the portion that I'll be financing. Yikes! I said my final goodbyes to my crunched Cirrus during lunch today.  I drove the Fit again and absolutely loved it! My friend, Joe, said it felt like being in a cockpit. Tomorrow I'm heading to different banks to get interest rates on a loan. «Laura»

Day #18: Totaled!

The insurance company totaled the car and is going to give me $2500. I've been eyeing those Honda Fits for a while and I tested one out this evening. I really enjoyed the car and now I have to get a good loan rate and all, research what dealership I'll be getting my car from and all. The Fit handles spectacularly well and the controls are intuitive. It is a fantastic car. I went through three medical tests today and I think I passed two and failed the other one. We shall see the verdict on Oct 29th.

Day #17: The funeral

Today was a tough day. One of my friends from the folks' church passed away on Thursday and his funeral was today. He was young, only 61 but he was very sick. I helped set up with the dinner afterward. He had an awesome life full of faith and family, and was always very funny and kind. Tomorrow I have a few rounds of medical tests... I better get the papers around or else I'll have no medical tests tomorrow.  Afterward, I'll get into my regular posting stuff. I promise. I'm sure I'll have something great to say about car insurance, since my car will be towed to a body shop and the claims adjuster will inspect it.  I'm hoping that the car will be repaired and the insurance from the girl who hit me may reimburse my deductible. We shall see. «Laura»