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Continued good choices

I enjoyed finishing the rest of Minecraft: The Island, and took a 2 mile walk around the greenway. I shot more photos and found other subjects to stage and shoot in the future. I also enjoyed a day free of the news. I found it hilarious that after over a month of strict stay-at-home orders for the county in which the greenway trails had 300% or 400% more people than usual, the day after the stay-at-home order was lifted and we're now under the state stay-at-home order, which allows for gatherings of 10 people or less the greenway trail was almost empty. I made another round of carnitas and am now down to 3 lbs of frozen pork and some frozen vegetables, I'll be making a grocery list this weekend to buy on Monday. After dinner, I watched a movie as I didn't want to start a new book, and didn't want to break my streak of no news.

Calm Friday

Today was chores and reading. Got laundry cleaned and folded, ran the dishwasher, started on a grocery list as I'm now all out of fresh produce and oat milk and down to one bottle of wine and three boxes of tissues. On Monday, I'll order a grocery delivery. I read halfway through the book Minecraft: The Island, by Max Brooks. What a very cute and entertaining book! I'll likely read the rest of it tomorrow. It's a nice break from the more serious reading I generally do. It's been nice not looking at the news nor much of Reddit, both things that seemed to seep in little at a time. Today's crossword was much more fun, though I've never heard of the games Ghost or Set. I'll have to look them up and see if they're worth playing.

No sleep til documentation

I didn't fall asleep until after 1am this morning, which I despise. I always aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep, and hope for 8. But since I needed to deploy at 7am, I had to make sure I was up and relatively awake at 6:50 to start preparing for the deploy. Luckily, it was easy and I only had three tickets. The rest of the was full of documentation and the DBA and I finished the day with documenting over 50 tables or views, over 20 reports, and a few stored procedures. I was disappointed in my performance for today's mini crossword. I forgot how to spell Paulo and tried to spell is Paolo, I was attempting to recall what four letter river Napoleon would have crossed, and I was stuck on Francis being either a historical figure (What would Francis Bacon's predecessor be?) and luckily I had watched Pitt's sketch on SNL (which was excellent!) because I had first guessed 'micro' for 6 across. Better luck next time.


I caught up with a few friends and solved crossword puzzles and found another book to read, Clearly I need more practice.

Not as busy, but plenty of fun

I created more documentation for the 20+ exam reports I've written and worked with the DBA on more architecture. Some friends of mine made tentative plans to have a video call, then when my brother asked if I was available, I decided to speak with him as the group of friends have already twice made plans to only forget or change their minds. I'm really glad that I spoke with my brother - not only is he great to talk with and I really miss him, but the group of friends texted back and forth while I spoke with him and decided to not meet at all. I would feel really terrible if I had told him that I already had plans, and then they bailed! I'm still practicing photography and gotten more into photo editing as I'm starting to see a vision for my photography that I don't quite capture with the camera, either due to lack of lighting (only so much you can do in an apartment) or lack of proper camera knowledge. I haven't gotten back to piano, but it's not for la

Busy day!

Worked all day on documentation, spoke with my mother, catching up on things that her school is doing, played GeoGuessr and a round of competitive crossword and a round of collaborative crossword, worked on photography and cooked a meal of Picadillo. I'm exhausted, surprisingly have a headache, and I'm heading to bed. More tomorrow!

WP crossword

I didn't time my crossword playing yesterday and did not notice I played Sunday's crossword last night. So, I found the Washington Post mini crossword, which I think was just terrible! The user interface was bad, and the clues also sucked. Why not make the board/clues area bigger instead of making the player have to scroll? Also, that's not how you spell adz, apparently. All other references seem to spell the tool as "adze", but I hadn't heard of it anyway, so I wouldn't have noticed - I used the down clues to fill out 1 across. Ok, apparently you can spell it 'adz' or 'adze' depending on preference. Still annoying. The clue for 7 across was "body" and the clues I had filled in so far had the answer for 7 across as "T_R_O", so I was lost, thinking of the whole body or a body of work. I was annoyed at the clue for 2 down as well, "Fizzles out". The rest I knew, though my first guess for 6 across "Half o