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Turkish Treats #2

 Another round of treats! This one will be a little different, as I'm not often fond of fruit candies, and there are two left. And one more coconut (shudder) but for posterity, I'll try it as well. I'll continue leaving the marketing descriptions for each in italics. #1 Biscolata A good but simple treat. Nothing bad about it, but it isn't as good as Pocky. There are other treats from this maker that look a little more interesting but didn't end up in the box. Plain sticks dipped into the chocolate until the very end of each one. Best for casual snacking! Rating: 2/5 I miss Men's Pocky. Maybe I'm more of a formal snacker? #2 Boom Bastic Full of coconut, so it's an overall no for me. However, the chocolate is good and the crispy pieces are a nice texture contrast. The coconut overpowers the caramel in the bar, and it tastes like a mounds bar that had caramel and crispy bits added. I liked the mouthfeel of the Nirvana candy better, but there was certainly n

New Year, Same Laura

 In 2019, I set myself some 30 day challenges for 2020 and met several of them. It seems to me that for creating new habits, 30 days is about the right amount of time for me to feel like I've gotten somewhere, but not too long that I'm going to procrastinate on a given day due to the timeline being weeks away (see this year's book reading project.) Because I have entirely too many interests, I should set my 30 day goals toward the most likely interest/hobby to complete. Major hobbies: Running Hiking Photography Piano Cooking The weather in January and February is variable in North Carolina. Could be 70 degrees (like today, December 30th, 2021) or snowing and 30. To make sure I have the highest chance of success, I'll select indoor hobbies for months that the weather could be poor. In March, the weather starts to improve, and by April all outdoor activities are a go until the next December... maybe. January: Practice piano for a half hour each day. Could be etudes, scal

Turkish Treats #1

 I was given a box of Turkish treats for Christmas this year and have decided to rate and write up something for each one, as well as include the marketing copy that was sent along for each snack. #1 Petito Pops A delicious chocolate shaped like a panda bear throwing a basketball at you. Tasty chocolate, especially when mixed with the white chocolate of the panda. Panda-style eating at its finest. Children like them and if anything left for their parents... They like it as well! Rating: 3/5 #2 Krispi The cracker-stick is good, but the nacho cheese flavoring is absolutely terrible. I ate a few just to see if eating more would get me used to the taste, but it didn't. Reminded me of nacho cheese that went bad. You get either or both of these options: Hot, cheesy, herby, ketchup and mayo flavored. The herby one is covered in ten different herbs. As the name suggests, this snack claims to be crispy! If you are feeling like you cannot more sweet snacks in the box, this will help you bala