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SIBO Lactose retest and Mannitol test

 I tested for lactose again, just because I suspect that was the cause of the whole issue. I ended up making some blueberry buckles - basically, muffins that don't really hold together, with a side of the Tillamook ice cream. I had less than a cup of ice cream, and suffered no ill effects. I really doubled down with some homemade gluten free macaroni and cheese, made with freshly grated cheese and whole milk. Of course, it made more than one serving, so I likely only consumed about a half a cup of milk. Still no pain or issues! What a success! Yesterday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a Chinese pork noodle dish with fresh shiitake mushrooms. Something high in mannitol that I hadn't yet properly tested. However, I've been eating mushrooms for years without ill effects, and when I was eating vegan, I ate a lot of them, especially portabellas. The recipe called for 10 ounces of mushrooms, and like the mac and cheese recipe, I only ate probably 2 ounces, likely