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A Full Year of Blogging Finished!

I made it - a blog post every day from August 26, 2019 to August 26, 2020! While I didn't technically write every day - I burned out in late June but spent several days in early July catching up - this is a goal I'm very happy about! I feel like many of my big ideas fizzle out after a month and if they don't, they rarely pass the 3 month mark, but I can say that I blogged for an entire year! It's been quite a year, as well. While I didn't do all of the challenges I had planned, I did do some of them, and I at least understood my limits. I also happened to pick a year that had a global pandemic, so that's unique... I hope! I completed a few 5ks.  I shared the 'extensive' research on Aldi's wine and cheese Advent calendars.  I went to the gym every day in December (except Christmas day and the one day that was unseasonably warm so I took a walk instead).  I did the No Sugar challenge in January to great success, but learned that if I were to do that ag

I'm a hurricane!

Hurricane Laura and I have more than just naming in common. It formed earliest in the season for the 12th named storm, and I was born 3 months early. That's about where the commonalities end. I've never gone to Cuba, for example. I was excited to see that 2020 was going to be an active season, as that meant there's a greater chance that there will be a Hurricane Laura. In 2008, there was a Tropical Storm Laura, but it didn't do much, was only briefly strong enough to be named, and at that time, I was busy trying to convalesce from a very recent stroke . I might be able to see remnants of this storm as it starts to track east after landfall bur it'll be likely just some clouds or a bit of rain by that time. I'll make sure to go outside and wave as it passes by.

Wanted to do a run, but instead settled for a walk

 I was extra tired today due to my neighbors. I can't tell if it's the ones with a toddler next to me or the ones below me, but for the last two weeks at least, it sounds like they're dropping something or closing a door or a drawer every 10 - 30 minutes from 9pm - 1am. Just as I doze off, THUMP THUMP!, then silence again. Since I need 8 hours of sleep and I start work at 7am, this isn't going to work. I listened to my meditation app longer and I tried wearing ear plugs. The ear plugs hurt my ears after a while, and I didn't calm down with my meditation app. So, this afternoon, I moved my bed. Instead of being on the south side of my bedroom, it's now on the north side. Hopefully that will help. If not, I'll try wearing noise cancelling headphones. If that doesn't work, I'll get the inflatable bed out and sleep in the guest room. If that works, then I know I can move the real bed in there and sleep there for a while. With that plan in place, I look f

The Oatmilk Comparison

 I've tried several different oatmilks as of late. I generally stick with Planet Oat's Original oatmilk, but have branched out just to be sure I'm not missing something. So far, I've tried Silk, Planet Oat, Chobani and my own homemade. I'd rate them from best to worst: Planet Oat Chobani Homemade Silk Planet Oat is what I tried first about a year ago and though it was an excellent replacement for half and half that I was putting in my morning coffee. I even enjoyed it with some chocolate syrup, and I tried the chocolate oatmilk version which was great. Chobani, I tried today as Harris Teeter had a special - you could get it free until Sunday. Free, not 'with purchase of another item', just free. I felt pretty smart walking out of the grocery store not even paying anything, but getting something for free. The taste isn't bad but paring it with coffee isn't as good as the Planet Oat brand. It didn't remove the bitterness of the coffee, though it di