I'm a hurricane!

Hurricane Laura and I have more than just naming in common. It formed earliest in the season for the 12th named storm, and I was born 3 months early. That's about where the commonalities end. I've never gone to Cuba, for example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Laura

I was excited to see that 2020 was going to be an active season, as that meant there's a greater chance that there will be a Hurricane Laura. In 2008, there was a Tropical Storm Laura, but it didn't do much, was only briefly strong enough to be named, and at that time, I was busy trying to convalesce from a very recent stroke. I might be able to see remnants of this storm as it starts to track east after landfall bur it'll be likely just some clouds or a bit of rain by that time. I'll make sure to go outside and wave as it passes by.


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