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Reddit is what you make of it

I joined Reddit in 2008 when one of my friends told me about a group of people who shared tips of how to pick up girls. It was a rather horrifying thing to read, seeing men casually refer to women as just a prize to be won with poor psychological trickery, It was a subgroup in Reddit, and I noticed there were other groups that had nothing to do with the pick up artists. There were groups that discussed finances, investing, cat pictures, relationship advice, music composition and politics. There were also groups that weren't interested in helping others, and instead went for shock and horror, like the group fiftyfifty that titled their post with something fun or cute AND something terrible, having the user not know until clicking on the picture which it is. Reddit is a lot like high school. There are a bunch of different groups, and some people are open to others joining, and others are not. Some are helpful and give advice, and some are spiteful. Groups change over times as peopl

Busy day after a terrible headache

On Fridays, even though it's my day off, I don't like to sleep in too late. I generally wake up between 7 and 8, and have coffee and read or watch some YouTube for the next two hours, then I start my day. Today was a bit different. I woke up at 5am with a splitting headache. Bad enough that I just didn't want to move. At 7 it wasn't getting better and I hadn't yet fallen back asleep, so I made myself get up and find Tylenol to take, and tried to go back to sleep. My headache started to subside by 8:30, but I wasn't any closer to getting more shuteye, so I gave up at 9 and made some coffee and started my usual routine of coffee, oatmilk and YouTube with Seth Meyers and Matt D'Avella. Matt's video about productivity spurred me to finally go through my personal inbox and archive or delete unnecessary emails. Then, I decided that if I were going to get projects done this weekend, I better start cleaning. Start cleaning at 11:30. 45 min in, guest room cle

Communication is key

If you happen to live or work near other humans, communication is key. By double checking and recommuncating at work today, I learned my deadline of 10/16/2019 is actually 12/15/2019, a much better and doable goal. One of my friends is able to establish boundaries with her roommates. Another friend who moved to a different work team is happy to learn her efforts are appreciated instead of met with scorn. Communication is key. And part of communication is reaching out and finding where other people stand. Some will stand with you. Some will understand your struggle and either want to help, or at least have sympathy.  For those that are just against you, or apathetic to your issues, just work around them. You'll still have to get things done, but you don't have to let them drag you down. Communication and clarity is important. Allies are important. And being the best you can be is important, so you can communicate your position effectively.

The Social Introvert

I don't often plan a week entirely full of social engagements, but I just happened to, this week. After my Monday dinner plan was postponed to Friday, and I was invited to Tuesday drinks last night, and have two friends whom I try to see monthly or every other month decide they have this Wednesday and this Thursday free, meaning that I'm being social and not at my place every weeknight except for Monday, when I went to the gym! I'll certainly need a relaxing weekend after all this is done even though I enjoy spending time socializing with friends. Between this and work has me working on a sudden urgent project, I'm not able to find time to write or research for future posts. Hopefully I can fix that tomorrow.

Spur of the Moment

It's good to be spur of the moment. This morning, I was all set to do laundry after work, then go to the gym. After I'd eaten dinner and put the laundry in the washer, a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while texted me, asking if I was interested in getting drinks. Sure! These are the moments that makes life great. I could have said "Sorry, it's too last minute, I can't go." But instead, I responded that I'd meet them in a half hour - so I could get my wet clothes into the dryer, then head off. At least, I would be coming home to clean, dry clothes that could be folder later. I worked out in the gym on Monday, and even though I planned on working out tonight, that's the way life goes. I'm glad I got to spend time with friends. It's also a good lesson about procrastination. I was thinking on Sunday that perhaps I'll go to the gym on Tuesday instead of Monday, but by Monday I though I ought to go and not slack off. That decision cert

The Gym, part 3

I was successful thus far on going to the gym! I went on Friday afternoon and did cardio, and this evening splitting my time between cardio and strength training. Boy am I weak! But I suppose that was to be expected after 20 years of no strength training at all. I'll go back tomorrow, then rest until Friday. Next week, I'll enroll in a class to figure out what I ought to focus on, and increase my cardio output since I'll be doing another 5k in less than a month. After my evening schedule stabilizes next week, I'll likely head to the gym two or three times a week. It was such a nice and clean place. No one seemed ridiculous or judgmental. I'm looking forward to getting into a routine!

50/30/20 budget

It's important to not fall into the trap of "I like the idea of X budget" and try to force it into your life. I grabbed part of my 2018 spending to see if it worked out within the guidelines of the 50% needs / 30% wants / 20% savings, as I felt like I didn't spend ridiculously. Then I looked at the numbers. Here are the percentages per month from May to December. May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec need 42% 47% 43% 67% 66% 36% 43% 37% want 45% 27% 22% 19% 24% 54% 39% 14% savings 13% 25% 36% 14% 10% 10% 19% 49% I guess I didn't. However, I spend over $3,500 on medical last year due to dizziness, and had MRIs and all sorts of crazy things. Is that a need? It's certainly not a want, but need suggests something you'll always have, like property tax or rent, unless you are interested in living in a house boat - oh, wait, marina fees - or, I guess, being a squatter. The table above suggests to me that my needs and wants bounce around. I spent more