Reddit is what you make of it

I joined Reddit in 2008 when one of my friends told me about a group of people who shared tips of how to pick up girls. It was a rather horrifying thing to read, seeing men casually refer to women as just a prize to be won with poor psychological trickery, It was a subgroup in Reddit, and I noticed there were other groups that had nothing to do with the pick up artists. There were groups that discussed finances, investing, cat pictures, relationship advice, music composition and politics. There were also groups that weren't interested in helping others, and instead went for shock and horror, like the group fiftyfifty that titled their post with something fun or cute AND something terrible, having the user not know until clicking on the picture which it is.

Reddit is a lot like high school. There are a bunch of different groups, and some people are open to others joining, and others are not. Some are helpful and give advice, and some are spiteful. Groups change over times as people join and ask questions or post information. I was an early user of the financialindependence group in 2012, and it's been interesting to see how the group has changed - early on, most people focused on frugality and minimalism to see how their life changed, and if it were for the better. Perhaps they didn't need to replace their cars every 5 years, or drink fancy coffee every day, or have a four bedroom house when a three bedroom house will do. Due to the explosion of FIRE in the mainstream, a lot more FIRE bloggers, the bull market that increases everyone's investments, the group now has an influx of software engineers with very high salaries, wanting to know if they can retire at 30 because they just got out of college, still live on their college budget, but make $200k in the Bay Area. The answer is always "Maybe, but you don't know what the next seven years brings you." It could be a bear market, lifestyle inflation from living by yourself, finding a partner or just moving to another part of the country. The group seems to be overrun with starry eyed early 20somethings who went to college and realized that working takes work, and they don't find it fun. (Duh! That is why it's called work, and why you get paid.)

Reddit is a very large and diverse group of users, and there are some absolutely wonderful people there, ready to have great conversations with others. Just avoid the people with nothing to do but make others feel bad. A few of my favorite groups at the moment:

15 minute food


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