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Yesterday:  Funeral was good. Something simple, I'm sure what Uncle Louie would have wanted. I was honored to play taps for him. Today: Bible study/church was thought provoking - what/who is in between God and me? I need to look for those things and change or remove them.

all in all, good day

Grandma still doing well. Uncle Louie passed away this morning. Honestly, I'm glad. Suffering that much is not good for anyone, and I'm glad he's free of it now. It's sad that he is gone, but it's for the best. I was super productive at work, and really enjoyed it! After, I went to Barnes and Noble to read with Tiff and Niki. I read the first 17 chapters of the book of Acts. I've studied Acts before when I coached quiz team, and it was a nice refresher. Also, I found new insights this time which is always fun. It's time to head to bed. I'm tired. I have work tomorrow. Laura


Yesterday was sad. Visited my uncle. He's not well at all. He has entered into Hospice. When he tries to talk, we can only hear faint mumbles. I prayed for a while at his bedside that his exit from this world would be smooth and painless. After all the emotional draining, I was exhausted, and went to bed at 8:30, falling asleep by 9. This evening, I'm going to visit my grandmother. I hope to have enough energy to do some yoga when I get home. Laura