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Bucket List

 A bucket list is a list of items or experiences to do before a person dies. I don't like the idea of having a bucket list that has some sort of regret attached, like "Oh, I never learned X or traveled to Y" so I usually didn't have one. But, I could just change my definition to 'list of items that would add to my life' instead of 'list of items that I might regret if I don't do them'. I am happy with the major portion of my life - I have a job that I like and makes me fulfilled, I have a group of friends I appreciate and see often (excepting during pandemics) and same with visiting with my family. I can die tomorrow without regret. I'll always want to see more of my family and friends, but don't have a nagging feeling of "I never got to see X person/thing." With that said, I did recall that I created a bucket list about 5 years ago as part of an exercise with one of my friends, with things that were important to me then. Let'