Bucket List

 A bucket list is a list of items or experiences to do before a person dies. I don't like the idea of having a bucket list that has some sort of regret attached, like "Oh, I never learned X or traveled to Y" so I usually didn't have one. But, I could just change my definition to 'list of items that would add to my life' instead of 'list of items that I might regret if I don't do them'. I am happy with the major portion of my life - I have a job that I like and makes me fulfilled, I have a group of friends I appreciate and see often (excepting during pandemics) and same with visiting with my family. I can die tomorrow without regret. I'll always want to see more of my family and friends, but don't have a nagging feeling of "I never got to see X person/thing."

With that said, I did recall that I created a bucket list about 5 years ago as part of an exercise with one of my friends, with things that were important to me then. Let's laugh at it and see what we can edit or redefine, under the new definition of 'experiences I have not yet done, but could try out'.

Run 5K
See a Solar eclipse
Start TKD
Find new music by listening to 1,000 Albums
Be a songwriter (again)
Play old covers for album Everett & Eileen
Play flute in community band
Go back to London
Play piano out
Get black belt in TKD
Visit Magen's Bay
be a regionally famous musician
Photograph the 2024 Eclipse
Create a Source of Passive Income
Have my TMBG foam finger signed by the whole band
Visit New Zealand
Have a stone fruit tree
Learn to play bari ukulele
Cross country train trip in US

 Well, some of them I have accomplished, some are possible, and a few are, well, reachable if I restructure my life a little bit.

Things I've already accomplished:

Run 5k (I've ran several 5ks, but the most recent, I only walked about a mile of it, and I hit at PR at that time.)

Saw a solar eclipse (Columbia, SC, August 2017)

Start Tae Kwon Do (It was a small 9 month stint, but I enjoyed it, and the goal looks to just say "Start" TKD... which I did.)

Create a source of passive income (I don't know what I expected when I wrote that, but I have a 401k and it is invested in passively managed index funds that create dividends and capital gains, which is a rather classic definition of passive income.)

Things I can easily accomplish with some medium level of practice:

Find New Music (I mean, just... go look for some albums I haven't heard of, and rate them.)

Be a Songwriter (again) (Practicing piano is part 1 of that goal)

Play covers (I have an idea to play covers of songs that my grandparents would have thought popular, though I ran out of time to ask them what they liked most - but I remember listening to a lot of Willie Nelson with grandpa while he taught me how to play pool.)

Play flute in community band (I started research for this about three years ago, however, my life was in a bit of a mess, so I didn't go through it. I know where to start up again. There are three close community bands in my city. As I was a collegiate flute player, I ought to be able to pick it right back up within about a month of practice.)

Play piano out (Technically, I did this about 6 years ago, as I was in a MeetUp Piano players group, but I know that my goal was to play in a coffee house, to the public, with a group of practiced songs. Another goal that hinges on the habit of playing piano frequently.)

Be a regionally famous musician (This just builds upon songwriting and playing piano.)

Photograph the 2024 Eclipse (I plan to do just that!)

Have my TMBG foam finger signed (Well, I have 2 out of 5 members' signatures, but I need to go to more of their concerts if I'll be continuing this goal.)

Learn to play bari uke (I guess I could? How much is "learning"? I took two months a year ago, and got a lot better than previously, but didn't have a grand goal, so it faltered.)

Visit New Zealand (When I was in college, I thought about doing a special scheme/visa there meant for people to only get part time jobs so they could explore the country. It required a person to get save at least $5,000USD outside of travel costs to get there. I seemed to lack that at 19, so I put that off for another day. Now, I could just save for a multi-week vacation and enjoy all my time there instead of working some part time job for a few months.)

Have a stone fruit tree (First, I have to have a house and yard that would support it. I wouldn't strike this out, but there are a few more steps to get through, first.)

Things I might strike off the list:

Go back to London (I like London, but perhaps my travel list should include places I've not been rather than places I've already been, considering it's not like London is an easy place for me to get to.)

Get black belt (I think I wrote this before I got my green belt and was overly optimistic. I could go for it, with hours of practice, but I think I would prefer to spend that time elsewhere.)

Visit Magen's Bay (Another retread. I've been there once before, and there are other calm fantastic bays to explore as well.)

Cross country trip (I'm not against it, but I might just do a smaller train trip, since there's no really convenient east coast to west coast railway without connection, and a lot of the trip would be much more boring than I am considering.)

I think the next thing is to consider other items that Laura of present day would want to accomplish.


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