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Another Month Away - Painting, Week 1

 I decided to embark on painting and Tableau and running hobbies, which kept me busy. Sadly, due to painting "class", a GI issue that curtailed running, and Tableau being done for work, I kept thinking "Well, the next update will be great and I'll have something to share!" I have things to share all right. It turns I'm not a great painter, but also that sometimes community classes don't have great instructors! I took a painting class at a nearby art center that offered painting classes, pottery classes and jewelry classes, as well as yoga and a few other classes aimed at small children. While I didn't learn much beyond I am not a good painter, I did enjoy having a space to go paint, and signed up for an annual membership for the open studio times. The class materials were: 2 canvases, 16" by 20" 3 canvas panels Assortment of brushes Acrylic Paint Colors:  • Cadmium Red • Cadmium Yellow • Pthalo Blue • Ultramarine Blue • Burnt Umber • Titani