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Book 2: The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development

 I bought this book in 2010 or 2011, in the beginning of my IT degree. I thought it would help me focus on what I want to study. Instead, the first couple of chapters confused me. Each chapter ends with some actionable questions - and I could only answer "I don't know" for all of them. Do you want to position yourself in the bleeding edge of technology, or just the leading edge? Do you prefer to specialize in migrating legacy systems - requiring you to be an expert in a nearly dead language - but a very important task to help companies move forward? List all the technologies you use and rank them in their lifecycle. Err... I don't know. I have a year of writing some C and C++? I felt overwhelmed, put the book down, then promptly forgot it existed for about 10 years - except for times I was moving - Oh, yes, I should read that book some day. I finally decided to get it over with - after all, 10 years later, I am in the IT field as a Database Administrator and report wr

Book 1: Augie and the Green Knight

 I thought I'd start my large three year 'read every book on my bookshelf' project with a rather easy one. I bought Zach Weinersmith's children's book, "Augie and the Green Knight" from Kickstarter in 2015, and figured I'd get around to reading it sometime. Well, the time is now! I'd been familiar with Zach's work as a webcomic and owner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal  and have purchased some of his other works... which I also haven't read. At least I'm consistent! Augie and The Green Knight is a delightful story about Augie's travels with the Green Knight as she attempts to bring order and civilized manners to the knight. It is a very delightful read, and had me laughing out loud between excellently placed pop culture references and Augie's unique perspective. I would highly recommend it for readers aged 10 and up. Some of the words would likely be a little difficult for some younger children, but I would hope it would en

The Next Large Project

It's so large, I'm setting a rough deadline of three years! I've decided to read every fiction and non fiction physical book I own, except for songbooks. The Kindle books will be for another time. I've had a very bad habit of buying a book, letting it gather dust on my bookshelf for years, feel guilt for not reading it, eventually either not wanting to read it anymore (just not interested in The Philosophy of The Simpsons) or feeling too much guilt for not reading it, and giving it away or donating it. No more! The pandemic showed that I can read quite a few books per year, and at the very least, I should read them all. Not every page - if I'm concerned I'll not care for the whole book, I'll read until the first few chapters of the book and reassess. I do have some very dry books. If I still like it, then I'll continue. I don't want to read anything I don't like, but I bought books I like, or want to learn from. I'll also write a short review