The Next Large Project

It's so large, I'm setting a rough deadline of three years! I've decided to read every fiction and non fiction physical book I own, except for songbooks. The Kindle books will be for another time. I've had a very bad habit of buying a book, letting it gather dust on my bookshelf for years, feel guilt for not reading it, eventually either not wanting to read it anymore (just not interested in The Philosophy of The Simpsons) or feeling too much guilt for not reading it, and giving it away or donating it.

No more! The pandemic showed that I can read quite a few books per year, and at the very least, I should read them all. Not every page - if I'm concerned I'll not care for the whole book, I'll read until the first few chapters of the book and reassess. I do have some very dry books. If I still like it, then I'll continue. I don't want to read anything I don't like, but I bought books I like, or want to learn from. I'll also write a short review of each book, as I wouldn't want to forget!

I have 85 books on my bookshelf to read and 40 that I've already read. Actually, some of the 85 I've read as well, but if I can't recall more than a hazy guess at the plot, then I figure it's worth a reread. For example, I know I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand in high school or college, but all I remember is some ridiculous architect wanting to put design and work over relationships, and he was often at odds at others who were more traditional. I have no idea if I'm even close! Better read it again. Also, as the Financial Book Review posts reveal, a 10+ year gap can gain new insights into books at a reread.

I'm also setting this goal as a longer, larger goal, so I can fit unrelated 30 day goals in between and not feel my overall progress has stalled. Three years seems a long time for just 85 books - and if it were all fiction books or children's books, I'm sure I'd be done in a year. However, I'm also counting books like "Excel Basics to Blackbelt", "The Definitive Guide to DAX", and "The Photographer's Eye" - I suspect these will take more than two weeks per book, the rough average of 85 books in three years. Some books will just take the afternoon, like "500 Paleo Recipes". I'll likely just skim it, get the recipes I like, then donate the book. 

By May 1, 2024, hopefully I've read all of the books and either enjoyed the read (for the fiction books) or learned information (for the non fiction books). And, I hope to only have my favorite books on my bookshelf instead of just a collection of guilt laden bound pages. 


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