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A Study on Trees

 Deciding to stick with my tree practice, I grabbed the small canvas from week 5, the small canvas from the week after the final course, the tree painting from last week, a blank canvas, and the acrylic book, and went to work. Top left: My attempt to recreate the first painting. Decided to add a hill and path instead of the field to show depth. This week, I tried adding five trees on it, but that didn't work well. The issue was my brush. Despite my lightest touch with my smallest brush, the trunk for the closest tree was entirely too thick, and the other trees weren't that much better. I attempted to fix them with making them longer and changing the third three into being the branch of the next tree. I'd say mixed results there. The leaves aren't bad. I just need smaller brushes or bigger canvases. Top right: Not done yet, actually. I had to leave before I had the time to put highlights on, so it only has two colors on it. I'm also not liking the shape - too much o

Continuation of painting

Back to the studio! I learned that there is another instructor at the art center who paints acrylics and teaches basic acrylic painting. Her supply list was much longer, very specific, and she included her email in case anyone had questions. I found her business page on Facebook, because she also hosts "wine and paint" type classes as well as paints live at breweries/coffee houses for silent auctions. I asked her if she will be doing classes at the art center again, and she confirmed that she will in January. I recall that her previous class was filled at least two months before the start, so I had better keep an eye out for when winter courses start! I decided to buy a book about Acrylic painting techniques so I could continue painting between now and the start of winter classes. The book I bought is a little more difficult than I had anticipated. My painting of water wasn't great, but I was able to learn how to paint a tree fairly well. Goal: Attempt: I didn't reali