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annoyed and underqualified

Important things: Louie was still sleeping when I popped by. Grandma is still in hospital, not yet sure where one of the infections is coming from. After they find out and get her all set up, she'll head to Fulton Manor as opposed to Swanton Healthcare. She'll get a private room, yay! Slightly important things: I moved from one cubicle to another! I'm now 15 steps from the ice and water machine! Yay! It also means that I'm about 30 steps from the vending machine, and I don't want to buy entirely over priced junk food, sooooo... Non important but annoying things: Kroger (midwestern grocery) ran a special - buy 10 qualified items and get $5 off. The "qualified" items were snack type things, canned chili and cereal. Before I got to Kroger, I decided what items I'd buy for the cubicle. At Kroger, I changed my mind a few times as to which ten items I wanted, but I knew I had to finish up, as I had pizza waiting to be picked up and dinner to deliver


Work was rather dull today now that I've rebuilt the project schedule my way and (gasp) it works! Stopped by to see my uncle. He was asleep. Did yoga for 30 minutes and a few other exercises. Played with Elmer, and man is he cute! He also like to (playfully) bite. My hands look a little beat up. I'm previewing a course by Ramit Sethi ( ) and so far I think it is very informative. The course is about earning as a freelancer. I read the first three days of materials and now it's time to sleep. Laura

Work was allright. I enjoyed my time with my co-workers. Hospital was allright. Grandma is a bit better in spirits but doctors found a second bacterial infection. She'll have a scope down her throat tomorrow morning to see if her heart is the problem. Yoga was good! It is tough to hold steady when a cat is running around the room, being silly. Writing is fine but I'm not as jovial lately. Sleep? Oh, I'm looking forward to sleep! Laura