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Day #86: boo, no internet on my compy

The phone is nice for entering short things and checking up on stuff. but it isn't great for posting entire entries. Will catch you all later! Laura

Day #85: busy day!

Work went well for the week, thinking about doing another weekly challenge. Any suggestions? Went out with Niki to Best Buy and Borders to purchase Christmas presents. Will have to return the item from Best Buy. Found a better deal on Amazon. I read the first 10 or 15 pages of Julia Child's "My Life in France" and it is so fun and cute! She is such an inspiration. I look forward to reading more of it. For tomorrow: return stuff to Best Buy visit with uncle relax «Laura»

Day #84: The Julie and Julia movie, experienced by Kassie, Joe and Laura

And if we weren't so darn tired at 10:30pm, we would have discussed it. In short, it was good. Book was better. Tomorrow: get the little Honda looked at - low tire pressure light is on, probably because the car sat on the lot for a few months before I purchased it. go do something fun with Niki! That's all. «Laura»

Day #83: More vegan cookies!

I made another 2 dozen vegan cookies tonight! So delicious! I also configured my gmail account POP stuff to go to my mail client. Relaxing day! Now I'm sleepy. Tomorrow: take compy to Joe's watch Julie and Julia eat dinner «Laura»

Day #82: Just relax

Two different people whom are close to me told me that I try to do too much and I should work on relaxing. It sounds so foreign to me! What do I do when I'm not doing anything? I feel like I'm slacking and wasting time when I'm not creating or reading or learning. If I'm just on the computer, I'm not propelling myself forward. So, I'm going to think about how I spend my time, and how I should spend my time. Should give my time percentages like Ramit Sethi's  financial worksheet ? Looking at my work schedule, I dedicate 10 hours of my day on grooming myself, driving to and from work, and sitting in my cubicle. That's 42% of my weekday. I prefer to sleep 8-9 hours to be sure I'm nice and functional for the hours that I'm awake. That requires 33-38% of my 24 hour block. It leaves me with 21% or only 5 hours. I also have to eat dinner! Do you have any suggestions on how I should schedule myself to get rest but not slack off? «Laura»

Day #81: Laura the pseudo-celebrity

I had a lovely and short day at work today! I had to leave at 2 to be interviewed by one of the marketing fellows at UTMC. The video of the interview will be posted on UTMC's homepage and I'll also have access to put it on my blog! The video will go out sometime in the first week of January. After the interview, I met with a few more gentlemen from the marketing department about having my stroke and aftermath story pushed to the national media. I think it'll be an interesting and good experience for me! All the thinking and talking and meeting left me pretty tired by this evening (and I wrenched my knee two hours before the interview, so I was trying my best to look like I wasn't in considerable pain or limping around!) so I'm heading to bed. I know, it's not even nine, but sleep is the best medicine.

Day #80: Kale!

Vegan eatings to close the week: Breakfast: cookies! Lunch: pizza! Dinner: kale! I baked kale with oil and sea salt, thanks to a recipe from Anne Berg! It was crunchy and salty and tasted like a potato chip. Tomorrow, I'm going to work through lunch because I'm leaving early - going to have an interview (no, not a job interview) with a marketing fellow from UTMC talking about my stroke and the level of care that UTMC exhibited. Sleepy time to make sure I look my best! «Laura»