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Turkish Treats #3

 Four snacks left in the box! What a fun present this has been! #1 Nutzz Party I assumed this was peanuts with a spicy flavored mix, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only peanuts, but also corn nuts (I didn't look that closely to the package, clearly) which I really like. It was a very tasty mix, and I'd absolutely eat this again! Nuts, popped corn kernels and ball-shaped chips, all covered with herb mix, either cheddar, onion flavored or burning hot! It also has honey and mustard flavor which is a new mix for many Turkish snack lovers. Nutzz comes with a basic snacking kit in small sizes to have it on the go. It tastes like Krispi crackers, what do you think? Rating: 4/5 though I don't think it tastes like Krispi crackers. #2 Kagit Helva The directions state this is best used as a way to make an ice cream sandwich. I happened to have some Tillamook vanilla ice cream in the back of the freezer, neglected due to the whole SIBO thing in 2020. Decided I can carve