Turkish Treats #3

 Four snacks left in the box! What a fun present this has been!

#1 Nutzz Party

I assumed this was peanuts with a spicy flavored mix, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only peanuts, but also corn nuts (I didn't look that closely to the package, clearly) which I really like. It was a very tasty mix, and I'd absolutely eat this again!

Nuts, popped corn kernels and ball-shaped chips, all covered with herb mix, either cheddar, onion flavored or burning hot! It also has honey and mustard flavor which is a new mix for many Turkish snack lovers. Nutzz comes with a basic snacking kit in small sizes to have it on the go. It tastes like Krispi crackers, what do you think?

Rating: 4/5 though I don't think it tastes like Krispi crackers.

#2 Kagit Helva

The directions state this is best used as a way to make an ice cream sandwich. I happened to have some Tillamook vanilla ice cream in the back of the freezer, neglected due to the whole SIBO thing in 2020. Decided I can carve a chunk off of it and use it to find out how good the helva is to use as a sandwiching device. It is excellent! It is very similar to an ice cream cone in weight and taste, but it doesn't shatter like I feared. I used an uneven slice of ice cream, and the wafer didn't break apart! I would certainly use this for future ice creams that I don't want in a bowl. 

Kagit Helva is maybe the most fundamental piece of snack in Turkey. It was invented in the 1400s, over 600 years ago in Turkey. It means Paper Halva/Wafer and it is widely consumed in Turkey. If you have it plain, you will most probably find it stale and dry. It is invented to sandwich ice cream. Go ahead and cut it in half, stock the ice cream on the lower layer and sandwich the other half on top of it.

Rating: 5/5

#3 Wanted

The mouthfeel for this candy bar is great, but the chocolate coating isn't as tasty as the other chocolate bars in the box. The caramel is soft but not too toffee-like. The bar overall has a bit too much vanilla, or less cocoa than I would prefer. However, it is a chocolate candy bar, and I ate it.

A chocolate bar filled with caramel sauce or coconut and covered with puffed rice. It is the favorite of most consumers in Turkey.

Rating: 2/5

#4 Craxx Stick

These are very delicious, but not as spicy as the Nutzz Party. I did indeed fail at not saving some for later and chowed down the bag while watching an episode of Star Trek. I expected the sticks to taste like pretzels, but instead they're more like the savory/spicy version of Pocky or the previously reviewed Stix.

An explosive stick is here to test your taste buds. Or, alternatively, you can use it as a lightsaber. Are you ready to a challenge? Go ahead and try one. Remember, you should go easy with this one. We sometimes replace the hot one with the cheesy one to give a rest to our customer's temperature receptors in their mouths.

Rating: 5/5 Sad I forgot to use it as a lightsaber even though I was watching the wrong sci-fi show.

This has been a really fun week, trying out different snacks, and finding out so many snacks have similar counterparts in the US.


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