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Name Changes and thoughtful UI options

When I got married nearly seven years ago, I happily changed my name. One bank account, one driver license, one social security card, two credit cards, one Amazon account and one expired passport later, my name was changed. And as time goes on, people acquire more accounts and some people find out they ought to not be together. I have to change: One Social Security card, one driver license (now with Real ID!), one frequent flier miles, six credit cards, one TSA Precheck, one bank account, one Amazon account, one insurance company, three utility companies and one apartment complex. I'm glad I never changed my name at my mobile phone carrier or my primary email address. At some point, I'll change my passport, but as I have no current plans to travel overseas, that is way later on the list. The difference in user interfaces for name changes at different companies is both interesting and ridiculous. One credit card company had an online form to fill out with a request of a

I pretty much failed any part of science that had to do with electricity or batteries.

The writing this weekend likely won't be some long winded diatribe, as my parents are visiting starting tomorrow, and I am interested in spending time with them instead of sitting here struggling to write. Today, I'll be finishing up my cleaning - sweep the linoleum floors and the outdoor patio, run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, vacuum one more time, dust, take out a few Amazon boxes and the trash. Shouldn't take too long. I also want to clean my car windshield and windows on the inside, and apply RainX on the outside. That really doesn't sound too bad, and a few of those chores can be done simultaneously. I'm also heading out to the store for a few items, water, beef jerky and soup. There's a possibility for a hurricane to wander over here, and I don't need to be one of the ones searching for water and canned soup along with everyone else next week, and those items last a long time. I searched Amazon for a battery powered generator as I figure I o

On Procrastination

I procrastinate. A lot. I procrastinated all the way through college except for my very last class at the University of Massachusetts, which was Project Based Information Systems. I read through the entire book, I did all the assigned activities well before the due date and realized that I retained more and enjoyed the class because I wasn't stressed out. I resolved from there on to stop procrastinating because clearly, I am a happier person when I don't procrastinate. The end. Not really. I still procrastinate. My parents are coming to visit in two days, and only half the apartment is clean. Their guest room is all ready except for the documents that I need to put away. And the guest bathroom is clean... except for sweeping the floor. Then there are dirty dishes in the sink from last night, and I haven't dusted in entirely too long. And my bathroom needs a little help even though I cleaned the counter top and mirror a few days ago, and organized the things I le

How to persevere

I was given a rather difficult problem at work that had been put off for years, because there was no easy answer and the affected population was only a handful of people each year. I started it last Thursday. Built my query, and the data coming back looked reasonable. I was pleased with the results, and started my unit tests. The second unit test failed. The person in question had the wrong end date. Back to the drawing board - the subquery in my join must have been wrong. Monday morning, I worked on getting this specific unit test to pass. Figured out that I needed to change how I had structured my subquery. Worked on that, and finally the unit test passed! I opened up the query to show all people affected, and looked at the results. Everything looked great! Except for two people, who seem to have negative passage of time between the start and end of their schooling. Now I have another unit test that I need to pass. I spoke with the Software Development manager and he had a few idea

My narrow and wrong view of hobbies

For quite some time now, I've listed my hobbies as these: Playing Piano Playing Flute Music Composition Photography Reading Travelling Gardening They're all true! I do those things in varying degrees. I list these as they enrich my life, and I feel that hobbies should broaden you as a person. However, I was looking too narrow in my definition. I have other hobbies that I don't include because they don't allow me to grow as a person in my definition which is wrong. I also really enjoy spending time watching YouTube, playing video games and reading Reddit. While they're not enriching in the same way - playing Minecraft doesn't increase my ability to learn new things or make more money - it doesn't mean playing the game is a bad way to spend time. I'd often felt that when I turned off the computer or console that I didn't actually gain anything. I'm not richer, I'm not better at shooting or jumping, and until recently not many of my

Daily writing habit after 9 years away

Plenty has happened. The stories will all find their way here, but for the time being, I just want to get the habit of writing daily, back. In short, in between 2010 and 2019, I moved out of my parents' house, gained 20 lbs, started dating, gained another 15 lbs, got married, gained another 15 lbs, moved to the southeastern US, got a new job, lost 50 lbs, separated from my husband, moved to the other side of the city, got promoted in my company, got divorced, and now I'm dusting off hobbies and goals that I had in my 20s and forgot about. Some of them accidentally continued, and some popped back up without me remembering I wanted to do them. My family and friends are still very important to me, and I visit them in Ohio twice a year. I think music is still important to me, as it makes me happy once I start playing, but I find myself giving excuses as to why I don't/can't play as often as I should. Do I just need to force myself? Do I need a system? Should I do the 2