Name Changes and thoughtful UI options

When I got married nearly seven years ago, I happily changed my name. One bank account, one driver license, one social security card, two credit cards, one Amazon account and one expired passport later, my name was changed. And as time goes on, people acquire more accounts and some people find out they ought to not be together.

I have to change:

One Social Security card, one driver license (now with Real ID!), one frequent flier miles, six credit cards, one TSA Precheck, one bank account, one Amazon account, one insurance company, three utility companies and one apartment complex. I'm glad I never changed my name at my mobile phone carrier or my primary email address. At some point, I'll change my passport, but as I have no current plans to travel overseas, that is way later on the list.

The difference in user interfaces for name changes at different companies is both interesting and ridiculous.

One credit card company had an online form to fill out with a request of a photo ID and either a marriage certificate or divorce decree, whichever was applicable to the situation, attached as a PDF or PNG, to the form.

Another just had an 800 number listed in the website to help with name changes.

The third had no information on name changes whatsoever, but continually suggested that I must mean I would like to change my username on my account.

The frequent flier program did the best with having an online form similar to the first credit card company, and two hours after I requested the change, I got an email stating it has been done, and what I need to do to finish my part of the profile.

All said, get with the times, Citibank.


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