On Procrastination

I procrastinate.

A lot.

I procrastinated all the way through college except for my very last class at the University of Massachusetts, which was Project Based Information Systems. I read through the entire book, I did all the assigned activities well before the due date and realized that I retained more and enjoyed the class because I wasn't stressed out.

I resolved from there on to stop procrastinating because clearly, I am a happier person when I don't procrastinate.

The end.

Not really. I still procrastinate. My parents are coming to visit in two days, and only half the apartment is clean. Their guest room is all ready except for the documents that I need to put away. And the guest bathroom is clean... except for sweeping the floor. Then there are dirty dishes in the sink from last night, and I haven't dusted in entirely too long. And my bathroom needs a little help even though I cleaned the counter top and mirror a few days ago, and organized the things I leave out and use all the time.

I'm procrastinating on my other hobbies because Minecraft is quite the pull for me right now. I haven't finished my desert house, and would like to get that done, along with a second garden in a different game I'm playing. I always think when I get back to my apartment after work, "Today, I will do all of my knee and shoulder and hip exercises, and play piano, and do some reading and writing."

Then I sit down to watch a little TV while I eat dinner. Then I watch a little more TV. By then, I'm out of energy even though I didn't expend any. I shuffle to the computer, and fire up Minecraft. I feel like I'm accomplishing things - I build and mine and explore in Minecraft, but once I'm done, in the real world, I've done nothing except sit in a chair for an hour or two.

This, though, doesn't include the times I play Minecraft with others, as I'm at least getting social engagement and enjoying telling and listening to stories with others while we accomplish game goals together.

What would it be like if I don't turn on the TV while eating dinner, and instead eat dinner at my dinner table? What if, instead of shuffling to my computer, I walk to my yoga mat for exercises? What if I play piano instead of Minecraft? How will I feel about it? What if I just don't procrastinate?

That'll be my goal for next Tuesday, then, after the parents leave, and after work that day. Life will be back to normal, and I'll have the choice to resume either TV and Minecraft, or exercises and piano. The ultimate goal, of course, would be the ability to strike a balance between the two that makes me feel like I've done enough of my 'chores' that I can then take a break and do something else without feeling slightly guilty or stressed out.


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