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IVC Filter Removal Surgery

 On August 29th, I had another surgery. I didn't want to have another surgery, but I learned that one of my IVC Filter struts was broken. These type of filters have been recalled since my stroke, and no longer are suggested to be permanent. Too often, the filters (or pieces of them) have been migrating to other parts of the body, causing worse damage. The procedure was to have two doctors, one at the right jugular and the other at the right femoral vein, to remove the filter using sheaths to collapse and bring out the filter. Since it had not moved and the original broken strut was still in place, the doctors felt there was a high chance of the surgery being no big deal. It was only a medium deal. It took 3 hours, and I felt pretty beat up afterward. It was a success, though, despite the filter not wanting to leave. They were able to remove it and I was able to go home a few hours later. I have a follow up with the doc in November after another CT scan. Hopefully everything looks g