Turkish Treats #2

 Another round of treats! This one will be a little different, as I'm not often fond of fruit candies, and there are two left. And one more coconut (shudder) but for posterity, I'll try it as well. I'll continue leaving the marketing descriptions for each in italics.

#1 Biscolata

A good but simple treat. Nothing bad about it, but it isn't as good as Pocky. There are other treats from this maker that look a little more interesting but didn't end up in the box.

Plain sticks dipped into the chocolate until the very end of each one. Best for casual snacking!

Rating: 2/5 I miss Men's Pocky. Maybe I'm more of a formal snacker?

#2 Boom Bastic

Full of coconut, so it's an overall no for me. However, the chocolate is good and the crispy pieces are a nice texture contrast. The coconut overpowers the caramel in the bar, and it tastes like a mounds bar that had caramel and crispy bits added. I liked the mouthfeel of the Nirvana candy better, but there was certainly nothing bad in this one, if you like coconut.

Boom boom! This is the sound of taste explosion on your taste buds. The tag line of the snack pretty much sums it up: The name is bombastic, the taste is fantastic!

Rating: 2/5

#3 Popios

The Popios Tutti Frutti candy is a lot like Pop Rocks. Not overwhelmingly sweet, and it was a fun experience, but I'm not big on crackling fruit dust.

This candy has a surprise waiting for you. As soon as touching your mouth, this candy starts to explode one by one! Simply try and find out yourself!

Rating: 2/5

#4 Yupo Jelo

I was a little concerned about this jelly fruit candy, especially when I realized it was chocolate covered. However, the chocolate flavor nor blackberry flavor were particularly strong, and it tasted like a Fig Newton without the crumbly bits.

Mystery Snack- We sometimes include a mystery snack that is not on the leaflet. You are in luck if you have one. If not, no mystery snack is better than what you have eaten so far. Try your chances next time!

Rating: 1/5 It wasn't bad, but I didn't feel like eating something that looked nothing like a Fig Newton, but tasted quite a lot like one.

I have one more set to go, and I'm looking forward to the last four snack in the box! It's been a fun experience!


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