Not as busy, but plenty of fun

I created more documentation for the 20+ exam reports I've written and worked with the DBA on more architecture. Some friends of mine made tentative plans to have a video call, then when my brother asked if I was available, I decided to speak with him as the group of friends have already twice made plans to only forget or change their minds. I'm really glad that I spoke with my brother - not only is he great to talk with and I really miss him, but the group of friends texted back and forth while I spoke with him and decided to not meet at all. I would feel really terrible if I had told him that I already had plans, and then they bailed!

I'm still practicing photography and gotten more into photo editing as I'm starting to see a vision for my photography that I don't quite capture with the camera, either due to lack of lighting (only so much you can do in an apartment) or lack of proper camera knowledge.

I haven't gotten back to piano, but it's not for lack of desire - it takes time to think of a photographic subject, capture it in a way you think it appropriate, and edit the final version. Work takes up a lot of my daytime - makes sense - and I spend evenings writing, reading, doing bodyweight exercises, playing games with others, or talking with friends and family. I'm just as busy as I was before the pandemic!

Speaking of, the US has hit a milestone number of cases. I'm surprised, honestly, that we didn't hit this number on Sunday night, but took until midday Tuesday to have 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases.


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