Financial Talk

Earlier this month, I mentioned I would be giving a talk about personal finances in November through the wellness group at work. However, another group didn't know about my plan and booked a Financial Adviser about the same topics I wanted to cover. Not a problem, it just means I don't have to create a presentation with a deadline. I can post more articles on the topic without feeling pressured. I then deviated from my plan of majority financial posts in October and only wrote when I felt I had something interesting to share.

My overall goal for the talk was to getting people to consider what they value. Everyone knows they should budget. If they don't specifically know how, there are plenty of articles and services on the internet like Mint and YNAB and Personal Capital. Everyone knows they have to save money. Everyone knows they should have an Emergency fund. Everyone knows they are going to retire at some point.

The specifics of how to get there can be easily found on the internet. What you really want to do is consider what you value. Everyone values something different. Some people value having a nice home where they can entertain many guests. Some prefer to have a very speedy and comfortable car. Others prefer to spend more on socializing or eating out. It's up to you to determine if you're buying something because you value it or because "that's what you do". No one can afford everything, so it's an important exercise to know if you're using your money for your values. And if you find there's a disparity, it's time to make a change. Then you can look at how to get rid of things that no longer help bring enrichment to your life. Or add something that does increase your happiness.

Changes should be done in small increments for the best long term results. It's much easier to set a smaller goal that is achievable than some lofty goal. After all even though you feel like you'll be Yourself 2.0, you have to start with Yourself 1.0 and work up to it. You can't just wake up tomorrow assuming that 2.0 is here and can conquer your fears and have limitless self discipline. It's why small goals are better than large ones. Once you meet those goals, you can set slightly larger ones with your slightly improved Yourself 1.1.  As things progress, you can get to Yourself 2.0. And it goes for anything - practicing piano or saving more money, or learning how to effectively budget.


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