It's a Quiet Easter

I am waiting for severe weather, but it won't hit until 3am or so. I don't care for weather that hits in the middle of the night.I'll be unplugging my router and computers before bed so my electronics won't get fried in case of a lightning strike. I'm also setting the AC a little cooler than normal, so if my AC goes out, I won't be stuck with an extra warm apartment at the start. Tomorrow's high will be 80, and I know I've been able to sleep with, but not particularly enjoy, an apartment that's as warm as 90 degrees.

Easter was pleasant and calm, and I went for a walk/run for about 2 miles. Read more from Last Chance to See, about mountain gorillas and cooked some carnitas, rice and beans for my meals. Hopefully my power stays on so I don't have to deal with spoiled food or take a PTO day tomorrow because I couldn't connect to the network.


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