Don't want to run

I ran today, even though I didn't want to run. I stretched beforehand and didn't worry about speed, only form. I found out that I was dropping my feet so that my first contact on the asphalt were my toes and not mid-foot. I worked on keeping my foot level when I landed, and found that it was a lot less effort for running. I ended up running my fastest mile ever at 12:33! My second mile was slower, because my legs were tired and my breathing was more labored, but I still finished the second mile at 14:21. My walking pace never got slower than 14:40 and most of the time was much faster.

I'm really happy that I went out, even though it was 81 degrees and 90% humidity. It ended up being a great run!

Before that, I drank two cups of coffee while continuing to read Power of Habit that I've mentioned before. Going past the habit building of Cue-routine-reward, creating a craving, and believing in yourself, what I read today discussed that small wins are extremely helpful for forward progress, even if the wins are not linear or don't easily build on each other. Another thing to help progress in the habit is to imagine different scenarios for your habit - what happens if you don't use your usual instrument, or aren't able to see, or can't do something normally - and how you would solve the problem. Practice that when the scenario comes up, because something will always come up. It'll rain, or get cold, or your foot will hurt, or you won't have your headphones, or any type of things can go off the rails for your habit. It's important to have a back up or alternate plan for when things go awry.

The rest of today, I'll be playing Geoguessr and reading a bit more, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I've got all of my 'must do' to feel successful already done... assuming the next thing I do is hit Publish on this blog post.


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